8 of the Most Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make (And How to Solve Them) KATZENWORLD

I am reblogging an article from the Katzenworld Blogsite that I found most informative. In 8 of the Most Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make (And How to Solve Them), cat aficionado Marc-Andre gets right to the heart of issues common to cat owners/companions, both newbies and pros. I, myself, was reminded as I read that it’s time for my cat’s dental. Dental hygiene is important for my cats’ wellbeing. It’s expensive and invasive, but can save a cat’s life.

Read this over, especially if you are planning on adopting a new cat. Send it to your friends who may not be as cat-savvy as you. Too many people are seduced by kitten eyes without having a clue as to the care and commitment involved in the full life of that cat. An article like this one can save those people a lot of time and stress.

Source: 8 of the Most Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make (And How to Solve Them)

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The Black Cat Who Only Wanted to be Loved: A Sad Cat Story with a Happy Ending, by Rosa Silva

From Amazon: Black cats mean bad luck… or do they?

Abandoned by his owner on the side of a road, little Pepper must go on a journey of self-discovery. Will the little black cat embrace his own identity, or will he change the color of his fur to find a family that will love him?

You will love this touching and inspiring story about the power of friendship and the importance of acceptance and self-love.

My Review: A gentle and kind tale of acceptance and love.

The title says it: The Black Cat who Only Wanted to be Loved. It’s a plight all cat people are familiar with, the stigma and superstition that goes along with black cats, making them harder to adopt out of shelters.

Silva’s story starts with a couple and a conflict: The wife loves her black cat Pepper, but the husband blames the cat for his run of bad luck. Heartlessly, the husband dumps little Pepper far away from his home. Pepper’s subsequent adventures in the new neighborhood keep the reader on their toes. Pepper overcomes fears, makes friends, and learns lessons, ones we would all be better off practicing ourselves.

About the author: Rosa Silva is an author and a self-confessed book nerd with a soft spot for cats. She lives in Portugal, where she shares her home with (surprisingly) just one cat. Find Rosa at catladyconfidential.com.





Purchase links: The Black Cat Who Only Wanted to be Loved, available as ebook and paperback.

For more by Rosa Silva: https://www.amazon.com/Rosa-Silva/e/B07D3WRNHZ/

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Mollie Hunt, Cat Writer

Love cats, write mysteries.

Writer: I create and share cat stories that help to better understand the nature of cats.

Cat Lady: Not quite crazy yet.

Introvert: How else does a person hole up all by themselves to play in their imagination?

Wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, cousin, friend, daughter, grand daughter: I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

Believes in miracles.


Cat Writer Mollie Hunt is the award-winning author of two cozy series, the Crazy Cat Lady Mysteries and the Tenth Life Mysteries. Her Cat Seasons Sci-Fantasy Tetralogy features extraordinary cats saving the world. Mollie also pens a bit of cat poetry.

Mollie is a member of the Oregon Writers’ Colony, Sisters in Crime, the Cat Writers’ Association, and Northwest Independent Writers Association (NIWA). She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and a varying number of cats. Like her cat lady character, she is a grateful shelter volunteer.

Thanks for dropping by. You can reach me at: MollieHuntCatWriter@gmail.com

Mollie’s Amazon Page: http://www.amazon.com/author/molliehunt

Mollie’s Facebook Author Page: http://www.facebook.com/MollieHuntCatWriter/

Twitter: @MollieHuntCats

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Yes, folks. It’s that time again!

It rolls around every year just after Labor Day. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve probably already seen it in the stores and on TV. The Holiday Season! It will be here before you know it.

Now that we’re vaccinated, we are beginning to plan holiday get togethers. Some of us greet the season with joy, and others, with dread, but no matter how you look at it, it’s real and it’s happening sooner than you think.

This year there is an additional complication, however. Due to 20 months of pandemic, there are now grave supply chain delays. It took me over two weeks to receive my autoship cat supplies from Chewy, and I’m still waiting for the litter! I ordered author copies of my books from Amazon, and they took three weeks to get here. Postage costs have increased overnight, and companies who provide free shipping are struggling to adjust. I don’t know about you, but this year, I’m shopping early!

Readers on your gift list?

Here’s a brief index of my books. Adventure Cat, the 8th Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery, will publish in mid-November, so keep an eye out if you’re looking for Lynley’s latest escapade.

For cozy mystery fans, the Crazy Cat Lady series, 6 books featuring Lynley Cannon, a sixty-something cat shelter volunteer who finds more trouble than a cat in catnip. Pick your favorite. Each has a different theme, and books need not be read in order.

Cats’ Eyes:  Look what the cat dragged in! When Lynley’s old kitty Fluffo discovers a stolen uncut diamond, Lynley finds herself accused of murdering the thieves.

Copy Cats:  Lynley exposes a breed cat counterfeiting ring and becomes the target of a serial killer who murders with a grisly, cat-like claw.

Cat’s Paw:  Two suspicious deaths at an elite art retreat send Lynley running back to Portland, but murder follows in her wake.

Cat Call:  Lynley takes over as cat handler for a TV pilot only to find the show is hexed and murder is waiting in the wings.

Cat Café:  A body is discovered on the floor of the cat café, and all the black cats are missing!

Cosmic Cat:  When a superhero cosplayer falls to his death at a comic con, Lynley is left holding the bag— and a cat!

Cat Conundrum: A locked room. A dead man. The cat is the only witness, and he isn’t talking.

For something with a bit of Christmas spiritCat Noel, a Crazy Cat Lady Christmas novella. Lynley finds a new meaning of Christmas when a Wiccan’s familiar is catnapped, and Lynley becomes her only hope.

Like some paranormal with your cozy? A ghost cat and a cold case murder turn a septuagenarian’s beach house dream into a nightmare in Ghost Cat of Ocean Cove.

For the not-so-cozy mystery fan, Placid River Runs Deep, a stand-alone mystery: When Ember MacKay learns she has a life-threatening illness, she flees to the old Placid River cabin, but instead of solace, she finds mayhem, murder and a revenge plot that has waited a generation to unfold.

For your favorite fantasy fanCat Summer, a cat sci-fantasy novel where Sentient cats save the world from an evil older than history—twice! Or try Cat Winter, where the fate of the universe rests in Slayter’s black, feline paws.

For poetry loversCat Poems: For the Love of Cats, celebrating love, loss, and life shared with the feline species.

For fans of shorter fictionCat’s Cradle, a Crazy Cat Lady short mystery, and The Dream Spinner, short fantasy about a nursing home cat who guides the residents through their dreams and nightmares.

All my books come in paperback and eBook format.

Did you know you can gift eBooks?

You can give most Kindle books available in the Kindle Store as a gift to anyone with an email address. You can send or receive Kindle books as gifts even if you do not own an Amazon device. Recipients can read a Kindle book gift on a supported Amazon device or by downloading the free Kindle reading app.

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Cats’ Eyes was the first book I wrote in the Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery Series. I knew it was going to be a series right from the start. Lynley had to have more than one adventure, and her varying number of cats had lots to say too.

I built the CCL world around the one I knew: volunteering at a shelter, being “of a certain age.” I added plenty of cats, some based on my own kitties and others who wandered into the story of their own accord. I placed Lynley in my hometown of Portland, and surrounded her with family and friends. At this time, book 8 (Adventure Cat) is set to launch in November, and book 9 (Cat’s Play) is well on its way to a second draft. I thought this might be a nice time to rewind the clock a bit.

Cats’ Eyes, the 1st Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery

Lynley Cannon is the crazy cat lady, but she’s not quite crazy yet, though a bizarre connection to a bumbled heist and a double homicide has got her wondering. When Lynley’s old kitty Fluffo discovers a stolen uncut diamond, Lynley finds herself accused of murdering the thieves.

Praise for Cats’ Eyes:

If you’re looking for a docile cozy where the characters never step outside their comfort zone, even in the face of murder, then you may not enjoy Cats’ Eyes. However, if you want a clean read with strong characters, a complex plot, and a bit of a bite then Cats’ Eyes is right for you.  —Anonymous

…an outstanding amateur sleuth mystery that will delight cat lovers and mystery lovers alike. Cats’ Eyes has so many exciting twists and turns; it keeps the reader fascinated until the final thrilling scene. I liked the addition of “cat facts” at the heading of each chapter. I learned a few fascinating tidbits that I didn’t know. —Readers Favorite 5-Star Review



no fairy lights

no prism colors

no morning glances

no midnight soirees.

I am older and my world has shifted.

Soft fur, silent eyes.

I am the crazy cat lady, only I’m not crazy yet.

Not quite.


Chapter 1

My name is Lynley Cannon and I am the crazy cat lady, only I’m not crazy yet. I swear. Everything I say is true, though it may seem like the wildest fiction. It does to me, now that I look back, starting when Fluffs discovered the stone. But I’m getting ahead of myself. How are you to know what led up to that unfortunate find or its dire consequences? Why, at the time I didn’t even know myself and could never have guessed.

I am fifty-eight years of age, and life in the slow lane has been pretty serene. Quietly happy, or happily quiet, whichever you choose. I’d had a good run in my youth—sex, drugs, rock ’n’ roll—but I was over it. Too much trouble. Too much drama. I have better things to do.

Which brings me to the cats. I don’t know where I got the reputation of being a crazy cat lady; I only have seven in my care at the moment. And two aren’t even mine but fosters from FOF, Friends of Felines, the shelter where I volunteer. One is named Addison and he’s here to recover from a kitty cold. The other is Fluffs.

Fluffs’ is a sad tale gone good. Originally she came to me for a few precious weeks of hospice before she passed on. It had been so poignant, bringing home the dying cat, the scrawny gray with chronic kidney failure, to give her some last, best moments of TLC. But it soon became apparent that nobody had bothered to tell Fluffs her time was up. That was months ago and she’s still going strong.

Fraulein Fluffs isn’t the name I would have chosen for a cat, but it was the name she came with and at twelve-plus, there was no going back. I accepted her as she was, though I admit to calling her Fluffo when no one else was listening. She allowed the silly pet name as long as it was accompanied by affection and food. I treated Fluffs as the treasure she was. And then one day she found a treasure of her own.

Mondays are always busy. Through a quirk of fate, I’m retired, but I seem to be busier than ever. I’m finally doing all the things I used to think about when I was at work but never did because I was always too tired when I got off. That Monday was no exception. After yoga and a brisk walk around the park with the senior ladies, I spent some time on the computer compiling my Scottish heritage, the Mackey family tree. Got to get it all down before I pop off in case anyone’s interested. My daughter isn’t—Lisa’s too busy in the here-and-now—but maybe someday my granddaughter will take a break from her texting and her iPod and whatever else might be invented for sedentary self-gratification long enough to wonder where she came from. When that time comes, I want to be ready.

I was in the midst of a particularly difficult connection between a great-uncle and a third-cousin-once-removed when I heard a clink and then the clackity-clack of a sharp-sided object rolling across the hardwood floor. It stopped, then started up, then stopped again, creating just enough distraction to turn my attention from the quandary of my ancestors to the question of what was making the noise.

Cat toy, I thought to myself. But which one, and who was playing? Can’t be Red—Big Red was seventeen pounds of muscled tabby dynamite; when he played, he sounded like a dancing elephant. Dirty Harry, the black and white, didn’t play much anymore; he was getting on in years and preferred to sleep in his donut or his cupboard by the TV. And when Harry did sport around, it was with the little female, Little. Though Little, an all-black panther-shadow with daring yellow eyes, was half his size, they boxed and wrangled like tigers. Violet, who got her name from her gray-violet coat, didn’t play at all because she was what veterinarians call morbidly obese, which for us laymen, translates into as wide as she was long. Solo was just that: a singular beauty. White as a ghost, she lived an almost-feral life out of sight of human eyes. Addison, the fourteen-year-old black male I mentioned earlier, was in quarantine. That left only…


I tracked the enigmatic sound, not raucous enough to be the plastic bell-ball but too irregular to be the walnut. Down the stairs, through the hallway, and there she was, batting something small and glittery into a corner.

“What have you got?” I said softly as I crossed the room. When she heard me, she stopped dead in the middle of a serve and looked up with big, guilty eyes. Her paw covered the item, pressing it down with the gentle firmness she might have used on a baby mouse.

I bent over and scooped the object out from under her. Fluffs gave me a look that could have frozen fire and stalked off in the opposite direction.

“Fluffs,” I called apologetically but I knew it was no use. She was miffed, and then she was gone.

Shaking the thing in my hand, I felt the smooth, oily heaviness of stone. Opening my palm, I glimpsed it for the first time.

I’d like to say I had a premonition of fate at that historic moment, a frisson of expectancy, a sense of Things to Come, but I didn’t. My only thoughts on the brown agate with the dark slash through the center were How pretty! and then What’s it doing in my living room? since I didn’t remember having ever seen it before.

A jangle of electronic church bells rose from the direction of the kitchen—my cell phone. The stone still in my hand, I went to answer it. This proved more difficult than expected since it wasn’t where it was supposed to be: on the wooden tray by the real phone. The bell played merrily along, mocking me as I searched through my purse and rifled my coat pockets. Finally I found it under yesterday’s mail just as it clicked over to message mode. With a sigh I waited for the caller’s number to appear. When it did, I saw it was from the shelter.

I shot an alarmed glance at the Kit-Kat clock on the wall. Its switching tail and roving eyes confirmed my sudden fear that time had gotten away from me. My shift was about to start and I wasn’t even dressed yet. My apron was still in the dryer. I hadn’t even cleaned my own cats’ litter boxes, and here it was time to do the forty-plus trays at FOF!

Without another thought, I tossed the errant rock into a catch-all basket on the kitchen table and ran to get ready. Maybe if I had been paying attention, if I were better at multi-tasking, if the phone hadn’t rung right then, things would have turned out differently.

Maybe not.

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Today is Remember Me Thursday!

On September 23, 2021, let’s get the entire world talking about pet adoption. Tweet, tag, post and share the beauty and life-saving significance of pet adoption on social media. Let’s honor the 1+ million orphan pets who ran out of time and help #SeeTheLight for the rescues that we can still help.

Let’s take social media by storm for orphan pets!

Unite with pet-lovers around the world on Thursday, September 23, 2021, to shine a light on orphan pets waiting in shelters and rescues for forever homes.

Here is the adoption story I entered in the #remembermethursday contest this year:

A Cat Abandoned

Jaimz came to me as a foster for the Oregon Humane Society. He’d been on his own for a year after his family moved away and abandoned him. He was in poor shape, flea-bitten and hungry, but in spite of hard knocks, his sweet personality made him a favorite at the shelter hospital.

Jaimz’s doctor diagnosed him with hyperthyroidism, kidney and dental disease, but Jaimz had issues from long before. One of his front paws had been badly damaged, causing a permanent deformity. It doesn’t hurt him now, but the anguish he must have suffered makes me cry.


From the start, this little cat tugged at my heart strings.  It took time for him to stop trembling, but once he learned to trust, he blossomed into an outgoing, curious, sweet, friendly cat. He liked to sit on laps and curl up anywhere soft. In spite of his small size, his personality was huge.

I soon deemed it time he met my senior males, Tyler and Ginchan. I wondered how little Jaimz would get along but I needn’t have worried. Jaimz and Tyler became fast friends. This was the signal I was waiting for as I considered taking Jaimz into my clan.

Then the shelter vet gave me some dire news. Jaimz’s kidney functions were deteriorating. Because of his declining health, he was “not a candidate for adoption.” That meant if I didn’t adopt him…well, you can guess the rest.

The adoption went forward, and I brought home my new family member. I don’t know how long Jaimz has left, but today, he’s a vibrant, happy, curious little boy who deserves a chance to live out his life in a safe, loving home. Jaimz is a blessing and a joy. For however long he thrives, his place is with us.

You can vote on Jaimz’s story or other wonderful rescue entries here.


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The Great Purrby Catherine Holm

From Amazon: In a northern Minnesota mining town, cats have always maintained the Great Purr, a force that holds the Real World, the UnderEarth, and the Spirit World together. But when the Great Purr becomes corrupted and threatens to destroy the world, the magical cats of Ironton must work together to prevent disaster. Can Karma use her exquisite sensitivity without it destroying her? Will Target harness his gift of focus at the right time? And will sensual Kali be able to resist the temptation of the Evil that threatens to unravel The Great Purr?

The Great Purr is the winner of a 2014 Muse Medallion award from the Cat Writers’ Association.

My Review: Cat Fantasy at its best.

It’s not often a book comes along that transports the reader to a brand new world. The Great Purr, by Catherine Holm, is one of those books. This feline fantasy is no cute kitten story, nor is it for the faint of heart. The cats of Irontown have a mission, and if they fail, all will be lost for both feline and mankind.

As a cat person and member of the Cat Writers’ Association, Holm’s anthropomorphic cats are totally believable and cat-like. Each has a distinct personality as befits their role in saving the world.

If you enjoyed the Barque Cats series by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, or my Cat Seasons Tetralogy, Books 1 & 2, you will love The Great Purr.

 About the author:

Catherine Holm is the author of THE GREAT PURR (cat fantasy novel), DRIVING WITH CATS: OURS FOR A SHORT TIME (cat-themed memoir) and the short story collections VOICES LESSONS and MY HEART IS A MOUNTAIN. She is a yoga instructor, life coach, and blogger at http://www.catster.com. She enjoys music, gardening, being outside, dancing, reading, yoga, and caring for cats. Visit http://www.catherineholm.com for more information about Catherine’s writing and her books.


Purchase links:

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REVIEW: The Ghost in the Attic (A Charlie MacCready Mystery) 

The Ghost in the Attic (A Charlie MacCready Mystery) by James M. McCracken

From Amazon: A Key. A Medal. A Warning. For young Charlie MacCready, life is one mystery after another. Left at his grandparents’ home in the middle of the night when he was two, Charlie’s mother said she would return for him. Ten years later, sent to Saint Michael’s Abbey & Home for Boys by his uncle, Charlie finds himself in the center of another mystery. Awakened in the middle of the night, he hears a sound coming from the attic above his dorm. Together with his new friends Howard, Gus, and Rick, they set out to find The Ghost in the Attic.

My Review: This book makes me smile

This is the first book in a while that I enjoyed so thoroughly. I looked forward to sitting down and reading with the same enthusiasm from the beginning to end. My go-to genre is cozy mystery, usually with a cat in it, and though this features young people and no cat, it satisfied that need for a suspenseful yet uplifting story. I’m on to book 2 now.

About the author:

“Writing for me is like taking a mini-vacation that doesn’t cost you anything and doesn’t require hours of travel. When I am writing I get to see a different world filled with people/ characters who don’t always cooperate with each other and at times even with me. It makes the whole experience interesting.”

James M. McCracken began writing stories when he was a teenager and dreamed of someday becoming a published author. After spending twenty years working for the telephone company, he wrote the first in a planned series of young reader mysteries inspired by his teen years spent in a seminary boarding school. He retired early in 2002 and continued pursuing his writing. He currently lives in Redmond, Oregon.

The Ghost in the Attic is book 1 of 5 in the Charlie MacCready Mystery Series. Listed in Children’s Mystery & Detectives Books, though I found it delightful. Available in Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover. Purchase here.


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I had to share this wonderful blogpost featuring my newest cozy mystery, Ghost Cat of Ocean Cove. Not only did blogger I Read What You Write include my guest post and an excerpt, she gave me a fantastic five-star review. This is one of my favorite blogsites for book-related news. I hope you enjoy this and the other reviews you can find here.

I Read What You Write!


1. “Ghost Cat” is located in the fictional town of Ocean Cove, Oregon.

Traveling to the coast is as natural for a Portlander as eating Voodoo donuts or listening to bagpipes played by a guy on a unicycle. When I was a kid, my family spent our vacations there, dancing in the sand and picking up shells. I remember long walks with my mother, swaddled against the wind in wool coats and head scarves. My mother had dreams of moving there one day. As I got older, I found I’d inherited those dreams.

Now, at nearly the age of myGhost Cathero Camelia Collins, I doubt that dream will be fulfilled. Reality has crept in—an aversion to long, gray days; the need to be close to a hospital. But that doesn’t mean I can’t fantasize. Camelia gets to do all…

View original post 3,693 more words

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Another Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery in on the way!

Adventure Cat, Crazy Cat Lady mysteries #8 is coming in November, date to be announced,. We may not be quite ready for publication, but we have a cover and it’s wonderful! Again featuring cat art by Leslie Cobb, this one is titled “Here Comes Trouble” (© 2008 Leslie Cobb) and here is the story:

“I fostered Genevieve for Sunshine Rescue Group starting in 2007 because she had four different upper respiratory infections at the same time and the rescue had too many cats to give her the one-on-one attention her condition required. By the time she recovered, I couldn’t let her go so I finalized her adoption. She was one of my most affectionate cats, and it broke my heart when she died of cancer in 2020.”  —Leslie Cobb

We decided to do something a little different with the Adventure Cat cover, and my cover artist Roslyn McFarland came up with the idea of repeating the painting into the border, giving a soft patterned effect. We looked at changing the covers of the rest of the series, but not all the paintings work with this format. This one sure does though..

Without pattern borders.

With pattern borders.

 From the back cover:

Five years ago, cat shelter volunteer Lynley Cannon discovered a gym bag in a warehouse. Inside the bag were a kitten, a cat toy, and ten thousand dollars. Then shots began to fly. Now, half a decade later, Lynley is thrown back with the very people from whom she’d been running.

Adventure cats, those fantastic felines who go boating, hiking, and traveling into the wilds! When Friends of Felines cat shelter starts their own adventure cat group, taking cats for strolls in the quiet parks of Portland, Lynley can’t wait to join up.

Then disaster happens! Dirty Harry slips out of his harness and runs up the Mt. Tabor hillside, leading Lynley on a merry chase. Finally she finds him resting in the arms of an enigmatic stranger named Carry.

Carry lives a solitary life in a bungalow at the top of the hill, surrounded by an amazing red-foliaged garden. Carry has a cat of her own, the very kitten Lynley rescued five years previous and been shot at for the effort! Suddenly Lynley finds herself embroiled in the caper that precipitated that long-ago encounter. She survived the first round, but can her luck continue to hold?

An elfin recluse, a handsome feline archaeologist, a stolen artifact, and one very special cat…

Watch for more about Adventure Cat as we work our way toward publication. Thanks to everyone for making this series an award-winning success!

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