The black-and-white hated the black cat.


These cats hated each other.


What happened?

I can’t count the times people have told me, “My cat could never tolerate another cat in our the home.” I’m sure in some cases it’s true. There are some wild, lone lions out there who, though pussycat to you, will insist on being the grand defender when another feline comes around.

But just because your kitty tells you he wants to be the only one, remember: he’s a cat, and cats can change their minds.

The story of Harry and Little:

Dirty Harry is a big neutered male stray that we took in years ago. From the moment he arrived, all matted and surly, he was king, and we never doubted it. For many years, we believed he had to be an “only” cat, and Harry did nothing to dissuade us of that opinion.

Then we met Little, a sweet loving spayed female, and we fell in love. In spite of catly protests from Harry, we adopted her into the family. What were we thinking? Little was young and active; Harry was gruffly quiet. She wanted to play; he wanted to sleep. Had adopting Little been a mistake?

We were in the living room when it happened. Harry raced through, Little on his tail. A few minutes later, they ran by again. We were just about to intervene when they made a third pass, but this time, to our absolute amazement, Harry was chasing Little! They’ve been great friends ever since.

Since then, we’ve added Big Red and Tinkerbelle; one big furry family.


Note: There are methods for successfully introducing a new cat, including an initial separation period; using distraction to dissuade aggression; and most importantly, providing an Environment of Plenty*, a must for a happy cat household.

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