What is your dream vacation? Your dream Mexico vacation? Late nights, loud music and pitchers of Margaritas? Since I drank my life’s allotment of Margaritas (and more) in my formative years, I needed to find something else to do with my time.

Not a problem.

Part 1: Cats

2012-01-23 MEXICO 245

There aren’t a lot of cats in Mazatlan, at least not where we stay, in the tourista Golden Zone. There are plenty of ferals at the marina, and a volunteer TNR group to care for them, but for many years, my Mexican vacations were bereft of cats. No so now; I know where to look.

Up the street from the hotel is a bookstore with a bookstore cat names Zoey, a well-fed silver tabby who enjoys her siestas. And across town is Amigos de los Animales, the Mazatlan Humane Society where they care for both cats and dogs. The facility is basic compared to our state-of-the-art Oregon Humane, but a dedicated group perseveres to help animals against all odds. I love to visit and give the kitties some petting time. (Check out the link from this page to see what they do.)

Kitties at Amigos de los Animales

Kitties at Amigos de los Animales

But the first cat I saw was a kitten who had hidden away in an SUV. A boy had heard his meow and extricated him. The black kitten was in perfect condition but a little surprised by his adventure. No more surprised than I.

Kitten in the wheelwell

Kitten in the wheelwell

Next, Part 2: BOOKS

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