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The plug is not for the cat. Cats don’t need a plug from me; there are many wonderful affiliations helping the homeless find homes, the sick become well, the lost be found, and all without any help from my blog. Mention of the cat was just a ploy to get your attention.

On the other hand, I am, in fact, a cat shelter volunteer, as is Lynley Cannon, the protagonist in my book, Cats’ Eyes, a Crazy Cat Lady mystery, for which this shameless plug is aimed. Lynley and I have a lot in common: we are older (nearing sixty); we love cats. She’s retired; I’m not, and I envy her every day I’m at stuck work while she’s out volunteering or visiting with her granddaughter or attending a Scottish social, but such is life.

Writing about Lynley comes very naturally to me. If you liked Cats’ Eyes (if you’ve read Cats’ Eyes), you’ll be glad to know I will have the second of the series out soon and am working on writing the third. Writing is more fun than editing, so I like to do a little of both. It keeps the words flowing, rolling, gushing, sliding and whatever else words do to be birthed as an image in the mind.

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I’m also working on publishing Cats’ Eyes as a real book, one that can be held in the hand. eBooks are amazing and much easier to read that I could have guessed, but they don’t have that paper-ink smell, that smooth weight to them. And it’s always nice to see a good cover, a colorful visualization of the treasure inside.

Bottom line is, I like my book and want to share it with other readers who enjoy a cozy cat mystery. Sincere and profound thanks to Lillian Jackson Braun whose Cat Who series opened my eyes to a new guilty pleasure so many years ago, to Shirley Rousseau Murphy, who traces her cats from their magical mystical roots, and to the many story tellers who pioneered a new frontier for us ailurophiles. Without you, I’d be writing romance novels

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“Happiness is a good book and a cat.” Anonymous.


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