Closing on COPY CATS, a new Lynley Cannon Crazy Cat Lady mystery

copy cats

What is that clackity sound and hot smell of ink? It’s my ancient printer grinding out a hard copy of my new book, “Copy Cats, a Crazy Cat Lady Mystery”. Did you know I always edit a hard copy as well as the one on the computer where I write? I’ve caught many an error, as well as found places that just don’t “look” right. Reading, even in an e-format, is visual. If it doesn’t flow visually, one may not ever get far enough to know if the story is any good.

copy cats 3

Copy Cats continues the adventures of cat shelter volunteer Lynley Cannon (Cats’ Eyes, a Crazy Cat Lady Mystery Vol 1) as she gets caught up in another tale of deceit, murder and cats. Here’s the description:

 If your cat told you there was murder afoot, would you believe her?

When fifty-nine year old cat-lady Lynley Cannon attends a workshop on animal communication– the psychic kind– she never presumes it could lead to a scheme both conniving and deadly. Someone is counterfeiting show cats, but that’s not the worst of it. Their techniques are savage and abusive, and Lynley must find the culprits before they can do more harm. To compound matters, there is a serial killer loose in Portland, mangling his victims with a gruesome cat-like claw. The two crimes are connected but in what way, only Lynley can discover.

Cats' Eyes color cover

For those of you who have not yet read Cats’ Eyes, it’s on Kindle Countdown Deals beginning Sunday, June 22 for only 99 cents. Don’t have a Kindle? Get the Kindle App and download to your phone, notepad or computer. Follow the link on this blog.

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