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 I’m not the sort of person you see on TV, or if you did, I would probably be playing a homeless lady or someone with a disease. Not that I’m gross or anything; but face it, the people we see on television are not real. Especially the women. They are thin to the point of emaciation, made up by professionals with products that cost more than the mortgage on a house, dressed in designer clothing that has been fitted to them, then filmed by technological magicians who never get their bad side.




Still, I admit, I had longed to be out there, maybe just to prove I could do it. I have in fact been on television before, doing background for Boston Legal, Leverage and Portlandia. It was awesome fun, but the part I really liked was being behind the scenes on the set. The tenth of a second that I actually appeared after the final cuts was merely secondary.


I had decided to answer the call for foster, and rang up OHS’s media director as instructed. By her second or third “I can’t tell you unless you sign a confidentiality agreement,” I had guessed what it was about. After all, how many famous cats do we have in Portland?

I signed the agreement. 



I was elated! As a volunteer, one doesn’t always get the recognition one thinks one deserves. After all, that’s what volunteering is all about, a selfless act, helping others. I worked hard at my volunteering and loved the idea that it had finally paid off. The old adage, “Pride cometh before a fall”, never entered my mind. I was too blinded by thought of bright lights and craft trucks, of working with famous cat behaviorist, Jackson Galaxy.

And more than anything, I wanted to meet Lux.


cat yin yang 3


About Mollie Hunt

Loves cats. Writes books.
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3 Responses to 4: LUX – CONFIRMED

  1. I like the picture of you and your feline MUCH better 🙂 Love the post, as always.

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