Every 15 years, I seem to be transported into a new stage of being: 

  • 1st Increment, 1 to 15: I’m a kid.
  • 2nd Increment, 15 to 30: I’m a kid who thinks she’s an adult.
  • 3rd Increment, 30 to 45: I’m an adult who wishes she were a kid.
  • 4th Increment, 45 to 60: Learning to embrace my age.
  • 5th Increment, 60 to 75: The body fails & the mind wanders, but I finally love who I am.
  • 6th Increment, 75 to 90: ?

In Insights From the 5th Increment, I’ll share some of the amazing things I’ve discovered along the way.



Everyone, from my therapist to my 12-step group to People magazine, agrees meditation is good for the mind and body, but for me, that state of mindfulness is next to impossible to attain. For instance, they say to start by concentrating on something peaceful, like a river. Okay, I see the river. Beautiful. Running in front of my house. Then I see my house. Not so beautiful. Needs a paint job. Then I think of how much the paint job will cost and how much overtime I’ll have to put in to cover it. Suddenly I am thinking about work, money problems, and chores that need to be done. Not at all healing to my over-stressed soul.

Someone came up with a solution that I think is worth sharing. It is the meditation mandala, and you can print one off from your computer. Just google meditation mandala and you’ll find a plethora of lovely designs that range from simple to labyrinthine. Once you print it, find yourself a quiet place, some colored pencils or pens and begin. Concentrating on coloring the lines of the mandala’s powerful symbolism are a form of active meditation. So easy, and who knew?





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