04-10-14 Lux 001 - Copy

A nose, a whisker, a big round eyeball was my first glimpse of the Cat from Hell. I peered inside the huge carrier, past the blue baby blanket under which he was hiding, and called his name. A little part of me feared he would charge, claws bared, fangs dripping blood, but the frightened figure just hunched farther into his concealment.

Lux is a cat. A housecat. Felis catus.
Not wild; not even feral.
Merely troubled.
Merely complex.

We arrived home from OHS at about 9:45pm. Lux traveled well, very quiet. We installed him in his room to let him rest and get used to being safe in a new place. He seemed, if anything, melancholy, and we hoped a quiet night will restore his spirits. I began writing the journal I would keep throughout his stay:

Note: Lux is cautious. He moves slowly and low to the ground. Eyes are big. He likes being under the blanket.


cat yin yang 3

Next Up: 9: LUX – FIRST DAYS

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3 Responses to 8: LUX – COMING HOME, PART 2

  1. Marci says:

    Hi Mollie! I was finally able to watch your episode of My Cat from Hell yesterday. I’m following your blog and reading through your process as it unfolded with Lux – I’m looking forward to learning more of the story from your perspective! Say hi to Tinkerbell for me 😀

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