04-10-14 LUX 5

Adapted from my Lux Journal:

Day 4: Today we let Lux explore the kitchen. He looked into every corner, jumped on counters (not a problem with us), even the top of the fridge. He walked low to the ground at first but later walked normally. Now he’s taken it as his own, tail up, enjoying the space. Lux explored until about 11:30, then went back in his room for a nap. He’s settled into what was the top half of a covered litter box which I call his Kitty Cabana. It’s underneath a pinball machine and very secluded. He feels safe there. Lux napped in his cabana most of the afternoon and early evening. That seems to be the routine for him: nocturnal.

04-11-14 - Copy

 Day 5, morning: Lux in the kitchen again. More confident. He comes to get petted when Jim or I call, raising his tail and trotting right over.

Evening: Lux is being extra sweet tonight. I just got home from work and Jim is at a meeting so Lux has been on his own. He’s checking out the kitchen and sticking close to me. Jackson wants us to try to draw him out from the cabana. Right now he is sitting on my computer desk looking out the window. That’s progress.

 Day 6, morning: Lux greeted me enthusiastically this morning. He flopped over on his back and let me pet his belly. He is talkative, for the first time.

Brief introduction to Tinkerbelle, slowly closing the door in between when Lux started hissing. He’s very curious about the other cats, but not quite ready to meet face to face.

Evening: Lux “helped” me clean the kitchen. He jumped up to some high places and wanted to go everywhere. My cleaning was producing rattling sounds and Lux began to chirp.

more to come…………….

 cat yin yang 3


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