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Day 7, morning: This is it! Tonight we film My Cat From Hell in my kitchen. Jackson Galaxy, who has been following Lux’s progress by phone, text and film, will speak to his family, reveal Lux’s progress in my home, and ask them what they want to do. What they decide will shape Lux’s future, with them or with me. I wouldn’t know the outcome until Jackson arrived.

If you’ve never had a film crew in your kitchen, consider yourself lucky. Jim and I cleaned like maniacs, but my century-old Victorian house refused to give up its patina. Oh, well. I hoped they’d be distracted by my collection of eclectic clutter and not focus on the grit.


Then we waited. The producers and film crew showed up first, and finally the man, himself. Lux was unaware his fate hung in the balance and napped in his room like any normal cat.

For those of you who saw the show, that was pretty much how it went. Jackson sitting at my grandmother’s mission oak table, Jim and I listening and talking about Lux. Everyone had fallen totally in love with the big cat, Jackson no exception. As we discussed what he thought was best for Lux, we began to guess what was coming. And by the time he asked if we would adopt Lux into our home, I answered, Absolutely!


Adapted from my Lux Journal:

NOTES: 04/09/14 – 04/16/14

Lux is very curious. He wants to see everything, go through every door, explore every corner, cupboard and cranny.

Lux pushes into my hand when I pet his head and sideburns. His tail goes up and he arches when I pet his back. I can pet all the way up his tail. Not too hot on having his paws or stomach touched, but there seem to be no “no” zones for touching.

Lux’s hisses seem relatively nonthreatening. There is no body action with them. He just opens his mouth and hisses. At first I thought it was a yawn.

Note: Lux sometimes “buries” food and water bowls before or after eating/drinking.

Note: Without play, Lux gets little exercise. He moves slowly and cautiously. There must be pent-up energy that isn’t being expelled in normal cat ways, i.e. play. I’ve never seen such a tense cat, though he’s improved over the week.

Nocturnal, naps throughout afternoon. It seems possible that if he doesn’t get the rest he needs during the day, he could get overtired.

Conclusions: Lux is a normal cat who has been stressed. Over the week, he has expanded his circle of comfort within normal parameters.

Lux has shown no unpredictable behavior.

…………….but the story continues………

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2 Responses to 12: LUX – SHOWTME !

  1. Fran Ryan says:

    Why aren’t we getting any updates on lux?


    • Mollie Hunt says:

      There are several reasons I’ve not blogged about Lux lately. I have been spending a lot of my time putting finishing touches on my new book which is due out soon, and I only have a certain amount of writing time since I also work full time. My story of Lux, which is currently stalled back in April, will continue. It’s something I need to do and it will be done, from beginning to end, eventually. As for what’s happening with Lux this very moment, I can assure he is safe, healthy, loved and pampered. Because of the high-profile status of his case, I can’t give his location. Please trust Jackson Galaxy. He loves Lux.

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