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There has been some misunderstanding about my story. My fault. I haven’t made it clear that I’m writing about what happened, not what’s happening now. I’ll get there – or here, since I speak of the present – eventually, but for now we’re still stuck in the past.

The story I’ve been telling began in April of 2014, and so far hasn’t gone beyond that month. There is much more to tell, and I will unravel it in time, but this is not a saga; it is real life – my life, touched by a very singular cat. It’s a tale I must dole out one day at a time, sometimes one hour or one minute at a time, to try to get it straight in my own head. If you chose to come along on this precarious ride, I appreciate your devotion to Lux. If you don’t, that’s fine too. Your choice.

I want to make it clear that this may take a while. The story has not ended, but I promise that when I get news, I will break from the past and let you know. No cliffhangers here, just a life-changing psycho-drama-love story that I am still trying to comprehend.



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  1. Lisa says:

    I know I’m late to the game here. I just today saw the Jackson Galaxy episode, although I certainly remember the incident when it happened. Having read this blog and some other articles, I am dismayed at the idea that no one along the way has consulted an animal communicator. I don’t believe that Lux has this condition as much as I believe that his original people abused and neglected him so badly that he developed severe PTSD. After all, his original guardian said he was fine until she had the baby. Then all of a sudden he turns into ‘devil’ cat, when most animals get this condition within the first 2 years of their life and attack themselves, not others?

    Gee, what could have possibly happened to stress him to that extent? It just couldn’t be that the only person he imprinted on, as his mother, repeatedly ignored him, did not protect him from the child, and then repeatedly dumped him when clearly the energy in the household that they brought to the situation was horrendous. I’m not sure why everyone is trying so hard to pin this on a medical condition and leave all historical environmental factors of abuse and neglect on the table. Whether people believe in animal communication or not, what the heck have they got to lose by trying it with him?

    Even if he hasn’t had any more violent reactions (I’m not going to call them episodes because I don’t believe they are medically related) he needs to have someone explain to him about his life, tell him they’re sorry to know that happened to him, and give him a voice with which to express himself. Humans need it, so do cats.

    • Mollie Hunt says:

      Thank you for your note about Lux. Your empathy and love for him is palpable. If you read the rest of my blogs, you will see that the story didn’t end where the show stopped, and continues to this day.

      The show centered on the main story, the 911 call and the dismay of the family over Lux’s aggressive behavior. As someone who has witnesses Lux’s outbursts, they had reason to be afraid. Jackson did the medical tests to rule out a medical cause. Though Hyperesthesia syndrome was thought to be the possible root of the behavior, no one overlooked the possibility of psychological trauma.

      Lux has a whole team of loving and knowledgeable people by his side. And yes, there has been an animal communicator. No one will ever give up on him, ever.

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