14: LUX – Lux update

After a substantial period of balancing Lux’s medications and working closely with him to make sure he was socially well-adjusted, his medical team proclaimed him ready to discharge into a home. Jim and I welcomed him with open arms and ribbon toys, but it didn’t take long to see there was still a problem. As I’ve said before, when Lux is happy, he is sweet, curious and attentive; when his demons come, he turns in an instant. You can see in his beautiful eyes that he hates those episodes as much as we do.

Sadly we again couldn’t keep him in our home, but this time he’s going where he can have his Happily Ever After. I can’t disclose the location because he and his new people need their privacy, but I can definitely say he will live out his life where he will be cared for and given all the attention and love he needs. Jackson, as with all his cats, will continue to be part of his life, as will we. I’m sure you understand considering how high-profile Lux’s case has been.

I intend to continue to blog my personal story, currently stuck way back in April but getting to the part that changed my life. Read if you’re interested in what came about back then, but don’t anticipate more current news beyond what I’ve written here. Lux is happy and safe, the outcome we were ultimately looking for. Sweet boy can finally have a try at a normal life.

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6 Responses to 14: LUX – Lux update

  1. Marilyn says:

    So does Lux have a real home or not? Sorry, but I find this post very confusing. Will there be any updates on him? His Facebook page seems to be inactive, which I find odd, considering that he is supposed to be in his forever home.

    • Mollie Hunt says:

      Not sure how I missed this question until now. Lux is home.

      • Leslie Cunningham says:

        Hi, my name is Leslie and I have been trying to follow this precious boy’s story. Molly, I saw where you said “Lux is home”. With you? With someone else? Or with our Lord? Please feel free to email me privately if you wish. He has just been on my mind. Thank you for all that you and your husband do to help animals. I’m in Tennessee and nowhere near Oregon…or my husband and I would love to have him in our home. His special needs wouldn’t faze us a bit. 🙂

      • Mollie Hunt says:

        Thank you, Leslie, for your comment. Be assured Lux is still alive and going strong. He is not with me; it is someone else.

  2. Molly, A big thank you to both you and Jim! You’re both a very special breed of people! Love ya both!


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