16: LUX – THE CAT FROM HELL, MAY 1, 2014

Colored Pencil Drawing, Bouquet by Laurie Rohner

Colored Pencil Drawing, Bouquet by Laurie Rohner



It was May 1st, May Day, when children make flower baskets to leave on a loved ones’ doorstep; when girls dance around a May pole, and spring perfumes the air. Okay, maybe that’s a bit old-fashioned, but it was a lovely day. Sun streamed through the big windows, glistening on Lux’s fur as I readied him for a photo shoot with the Oregon Humane Society’s media person who was going to do a feature on his success. I had brushed him many times before, because being an extremely long-haired cat, (the fur on his tail is 4 inches!) he needed consistent grooming to prevent hairballs. He liked it. I thought.

04-29-14 sm Mr Lucky 003



Suddenly and without warning, he began to hiss, and not the cute little breathy hiss I’d seen previously. His ears flattened to his head; his eyes dilated until there was nothing but black; the hair on his back stood up straight, making him look more like a wolverine than a cat. The hiss became a moan and then a yowl, banshee-like and eerie. I dropped the brush, not believing what I saw. I tried petting his sideburns which he usually loves, but he just got louder. He was possessed, not the Lux of the past 3 weeks. Not a Lux I had ever seen before.

This was Lux, the 911 cat.

I grabbed Little, who had been sitting on the bedside, and left the room. Behind the closed door, Lux continued his tirade, screaming up the empty walls.

cat yin yang 3



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