May 2nd, 2014 is a date scorched into my brain. That is the day Lux attacked.

031914_lux_846Things started out calm and quiet. Though I had been trepidatious at first, Lux seemed over his outburst and back to his friendly self. A little too friendly, I realized after the fact. He was craving attention and affection. I was happy to give it to him, hoping and praying that yesterday had been a fluke, a mistake, a hallucination – anything but a prelude to the behavior that caused a grown man to call 911 on his cat.

I was working on my computer, Lux beside me, on top of me, on the keyboard, on my lap. He was hyper so we played for a while to diffuse the energy of the big young boy. Finally it was time for me to make dinner.

I got up and started for the door. Instantly Lux began to growl, and before I’d walked two steps, he was in full-blown outburst mode again. Adrenaline hit my system, and I moved faster for the door. Yes, I was scared shitless! He rushed me from behind, clawing one ankle and biting deeply into the other. I screamed and pushed him away, got through the door and closed it. He threw himself against the door, trying to get at me.

In tears, I called Jackson and Jim. I didn’t care who I talked to so long as someone helped me make sense of what had just happened. I knew I had to get medical help for the bite: cat bites can be terribly infectious and I needed antibiotics immediately, but if I went to emergency, they would put Lux in bite quarantine, and that would be all sorts of bad. In the end, I went to my clinic where a doctor who happened to be a cat-lover let me convince him both wounds were scratches and though deep, didn’t require a report to the county. Lux remained anonymous, I got my antibiotics, and all was well.

All was not well. Since I was a child, I have been prone to anxiety and panic attacks. They come more rarely now, but the event with Lux threw me head-first into the abyss of mental anguish. It happened so fast I didn’t know what hit me. For those who have suffered mental disorders, you know. For those who haven’t, consider yourselves blessed and take my word that the best description of the place I go without a moment’s warning is hell. Hell. Though his attack had instigated, it wasn’t Lux’s fault, nor was it mine, but I was in hell.


cat yin yang 3


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