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Lux must have felt like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth between my house and boarding. All this to a cat who, before a few months ago, had never left home. Now that home was far behind him and another one fading fast, though Jim and I still held out hope that once the drugs were stabilized, he could return for his long-delayed happily-ever-after.

This time everyone agreed we had to be sure of his behavior, sure he wouldn’t act out again – as sure as we could be. Cats hate change, and this boy had been subjected to far too much of it. Jackson and Lux’s care team took over. The plan was to stabilize the meds, then put him in a professionally supervised home simulation and see how he did. His care team was increasing; everyone Jackson reached out to was willing to help. So much depended on Lux’s ability to become a normal cat.

Jackson loved Lux, but the time he spent working with the boy wasn’t for Lux, alone. It was for all the cats who had similar behavior issues. It was for cats who would otherwise be euthanized for acting out. It was for the people who loved those cats but were caught between giving them up and keeping themselves safe. No one can live with a cat who viciously attacks out of the blue. If Jackson could find a way to quell those outbursts, the entire cat community would benefit.

Meanwhile, on June 13, Lux’s episode of My Cat From Hell aired. The world finally had a chance to see what had happened to the infamous 911 cat in 911, My Cat’s Holding Me Hostage.


As you can read in this blog, the episode was again incomplete. It was a wonderful episode, well done and absolutely honest in its chronicle of Lux’s journey, but it ended with our taking Luxie back into our home, while off-set, things had moved on in another direction.

I was stuck in a quandary. People who saw the show sent me congratulations and kudos for my heart and bravery which I absolutely didn’t deserve since I had given Lux up again. To complicate matters, I was bound not to discuss anything not covered in the show. That was when Jackson stepped in, writing an eloquent and heartfelt update letter. He explained everything, laid it all on the line. For those who haven’t read it, here you are:


Lux was ongoing. Sorry folks, this story wasn’t about to close all nice and neat in a one-hour time slot.

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1 Response to 26: LUX – PING-PONG, MAY INTO JUNE, 2014

  1. M.D. Blough says:

    I’m so glad that Jackson has been so pro-active in making sure people understand the complexities of dealing with Lux, especially that love for this amazing boy, while important, does not ensure a happy ending, particularly one that conveniently occurs within the time frame of a TV show episode. It says a lot for Lux that so many people, especially Jackson and you and your husband, are working so hard to try to find some way of ensuring a good life for him and are refusing to give up on him. It’s clear how much you and your husband love Lux. I wish, as I’m sure that you do, that they could have found a solution that would have allowed him to stay with you without compromising your safety and those of your other cats. We’ll all keep hoping that an answer can be found that will free Lux and other cats suffering from similar symptoms from the grip of this terrible disorder and allow them to be adopted and enjoy being part of a family. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

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