LUX 6How many strikes does it take till you’re out? In baseball and drunk driving, the number is 3. Luckily we are dealing with a cat – a living feeling sentient being – so there is no limit.

The story continues. Is Lux warped? Did his mother abandon him because she sensed something wrong? Does he have feline hyperesthesia syndrome? Did he ingest drugs? Is there a brain dysfunction or chemical imbalance that our tests did not reveal? Will he grow out of it? What could I have done differently? Questions that can never be answered and we just have to move on.

Sadly we again couldn’t keep Lux in our home, but this time he gets to go where he can have his Happily Ever After. I can’t disclose the location, because he and his new people need their privacy, but I can definitely say he will live out his life where he will be cared for and given all the attention, understanding, and love he needs. Jackson, as with all his cats, will continue to be part of his life, as will we. I’m sure you understand, considering how high-profile Lux’s case has been. Lux is happy and safe, the outcome we all were looking for. Sweet boy can finally have a try at a normal life.

cat yin yang 3

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2 Responses to 31: LUX – THE FINAL UPDATE

  1. Thank you very much for this update. It breaks my heart. 😥 I so badly wanted him to be able to stay with you. I felt your love and attachment to him immediately on Jackson’s show and after reading your posts here I so wanted it to work with you. I can’t even fathom how heartbreaking this process has been for you, as I sit here crying when I don’t even know any of you.
    I definitely believe there is far more to Lux’s story than we will ever be privy to. I suspect there are both physical things that we may never know/understand AND emotionally (and possibly resulting physical) traumatic events to blame for his present situation. Thank you so much for giving him another chance and showing him genuine love and care in his time with you. I’m very sorry for all involved it couldn’t work for him to stay with you. I hope you are able to keep tabs on him in his permanent location and I hope he lives as happy a life as is possible for him.
    Thank you for everything you’ve done for Lux and all the other animals you’ve helped find their happily ever after. God bless you and your caring soul. We need more people like you.

    • Mollie Hunt says:

      Thank you, Audrey. I was privileged to know Lux. Not every problem can be solved easily. Don’t be sad, All went as God planned. I will be seeing Lux again soon.

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