Everything I went through with Lux was worth it. Every moment of fear or uncertainty; every bit of physical pain. Even the anxiety attack that led me to the edge of my own hell was a lesson. Lux and the experience of trying to give him a home taught me so much:

Things always work out. Not necessarily the way I think they will or the way I would like them too, but that’s a good thing because if life were limited to my puny human imagination, how dull it would be! God’s infinite possibilities are much more fun and wise.

There are a lot of great people out there. Good people are everywhere, and without their help, there would be no story. Even Jackson can’t do it alone. Part of his power is in pulling together a great team. Teamwork makes things happen. Even though we sometimes feel alone, there is a team waiting for us somewhere: go out and find them.

Love diminishes fear. Hope, faith, and a positive attitude go far in making my life whole, no matter what happens or what surprises fall in my path.

The story continues. There is no beginning, no end, no front or back, no middle. There is no good or bad, right or wrong, up or down. Life is a pool, a river, a whirling infinity. We go on.

04-24-14 010

Where is Lux now? He is somewhere safe, somewhere warm. Somewhere he can be his true self, whatever that turns out to be. Will he ever be “normal”? Maybe – maybe not. The story continues. Will I ever see him again, touch his little spotted furry face? Yes, I have no doubt about it!

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Thank you for following my journey and for your compassion and love of Lux.

The End.

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8 Responses to 32: LUX – EPILOGUE

  1. Steve Parker says:


    Thank you for keeping us updated about Lux. My hope is that we can someday hear from his new family, or Jackson, about a positive diagnosis and effective treatment; not only for Lux, but for any cats who are suffering the way that he is.

    Every time I’ve read your posts I’ve thought about his first family. They suffered a lot, too; the fear, then humiliated and reviled on a national level. I hope that they’ve been included in the information you’ve been providing, and I hope they can forgive themselves – we certainly should forgive and support them. As I recall their story, the parents were young adults, and there were children. This has been a life-shaping experience for them, so far in a very negative way. I hope Jackson or someone is working with them; teaching, helping them to understand. I hope that they’ll give themselves the opportunity again to know the mutual love that happens with the precious animals. I’d appreciate it if you would forward these thoughts to him.

    Steve Parker


    Riverside, CA

  2. Alan says:

    I couldn’t help but sympathize what is happening to Lux.
    Your interpretation of him came across vividly and emotionally.
    Thank you for being the caring advocate you were for Lux.
    ASAP of Portland does bring light out of this dark story.

  3. miadravis says:

    Thank you for your love and compassion for Lux, we all are rooting for him to have a joyful and safe life.

  4. Patti says:

    I’m visiting my daughter in Sydney, Australia and caught the last few minutes of the episode. I originally saw it when it first aired and often wondered whatever happened to this precious troubled soul. I began googling and found your blog. Lux reminds me of my own boy Coopy. I got him at 8 weeks old, he’s almost 4 now, and most of the time he is a loving and sweet boy. When the mood strikes him though he can flip on a dime and his eyes dialate and he attacks. Sometimes to me but usually to my other two cats. They are sweet little girls both 2 years old. He will snuggle up to them and let them groom him then he just snaps and pounces on their backs, biting their necks to the extant they cry out in pain. I literally have to pull him off them. It has recently gotten worse and now I’m wondering if he may have FHS. I guess I should have him checked. Sorry for rambling Mollie, but I’m happy that Lux has found a place of his very own. I’m sure he still struggles at times with his demons but it sounds like the medication has helped. You did a wonderful thing for Lux taking him in and to an extent an even more wonderful thing, giving him up. Knowing when to fold is a peaceful thing. Lux is where is meant to be. Thanks again for reading my ramble.

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