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Inkitt Writing Contest, FATED PARADOX

A few days ago, I was invited to enter a writing contest called “Fated Paradox”. The name was so intriguing that I pressed a noir story I’ve considered for a while, something quite different for me (no cats). I have … Continue reading

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  The other day someone from my facebook cat group started a conversation about whether anyone else sang to their cats. There was a flurry of replies, all to the positive. Of course! We’re cat people. Cat people sing to … Continue reading

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Captain Kirk was shorter than he looked standing on the bridge of the Enterprise. It was the regality of his surroundings, the poise of his stance, and of course the camera angle that made him look tall as a Norse … Continue reading

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“Bolt·hole: noun. A place where a person can escape and hide: a safe or restful place: a place where you can hide or escape from something that is dangerous or unpleasant. Chiefly British. First known use, circa 1851” The first … Continue reading

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