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I’M SEEING LIONS EVERYWHERE. Not just the sweet face of Cecil, the slaughtered icon, but everywhere: a moss-covered statue in a neighboring garden; a year-old birthday card; a logo for a film company; an intro for a classic movie; a … Continue reading

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First Post Challenge

Thank you, Jeanne, (Jeanne Owens, author) for this challenge. It’s my first tag and I’m looking forward to it. I can’t remember offhand what my first post was, so it will be a surprise for everyone. The rules are: Copy-paste, … Continue reading

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    What if the Japanese bot sat down with the American bot and they both refused to fight? We all know what will happen when the machines take over the world. We’ve seen it in movies, read it in … Continue reading

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There are some days where nothing goes right. Where work piles up like paper stalagmites on my desk and I can’t catch up. Where my mouse dies and the TV pixelates on channel 6 so I can’t watch NCIS. Where I can’t … Continue reading

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  Somewhere in another world, loving people are taking cats for walks in the dry, red sun of a high desert canyon. They are preparing food in small dishes with cat figures on them. They are petting and grooming and … Continue reading

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