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I’ve seen Lux.
He is healthy, happy, fed, and loved.
That’s all I can tell you, since Lux is Jackson Galaxy’s story and not mine. The story is ongoing; someday we will have a resolution, but that will not be up to me.

The story that is mine, however, is one that began with a wonderful and terrible cat. I loved Lux with all my heart and then feared him when he turned on me. I had a panic attack and sent him away because I couldn’t cope with his outbursts, but I never felt right about it. Adoption is forever, for better or worse, like marriage. I didn’t want to give up. I never wanted a divorce.

What I’ve learned now is that I had no choice. Lux didn’t turn on me because I was bad. He didn’t turn because I did something wrong. He turned because of something haywire inside him. I know he hates it too, and good, smart people are working with him to make him well. I am not a pro. I could not have done the work he needs.

So finally after months of wondering, months of guilt, I am finally able to let it go. I did my best for Lux. I could have done nothing more. He is in the best hands now, and his future is bright. It will not be with me; at least I don’t think so. But he will always be a part of my life.

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1 Response to 34: LUX – EXONERATION 2015

  1. jean says:

    Thank you. Just watched Lux’s story again with Jackson. I’m so glad that Lux is well. You did nothing wrong, with a baby and/or toddler. You gave a gift to Lux. Thank you.

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