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I am thinking of becoming a cat walker. You know, like a dog walker, only with cats. I think there may be money in it, since as far as I can tell, it is a vocation yet untapped. When I … Continue reading

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Poetry Is Bundling

For all those who write with cats.

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4. Ember sat at the old drop-leaf table, her laptop in front of her. She had been writing, actually getting somewhere with the ongoing novel, but inspiration had run its course and now her mind was blank, her thoughts fleeing … Continue reading

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The other day, a friend was describing her cat’s crazy antics, and she ended with the simple sentence, “Because cat”. I instantly knew exactly what she meant – that cats do their cat thing, and that’s all there is to … Continue reading

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What is good enough? reblogged

Source: What is good enough? Something to think about – something to remember next time…

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