The other day, a friend was describing her cat’s crazy antics, and she ended with the simple sentence, “Because cat”. I instantly knew exactly what she meant – that cats do their cat thing, and that’s all there is to it – but I wondered where the term came from. Did she make it up or was it some internet meme I’d managed to miss? It was so perfect. Any cat person would instantly know she was referring to that ultra-feline edgy behavior all our kitty companions display sooner or later.

I looked it up on Google. Turns out there is an artist whose work is called “Because cats” with an “s”. Not the same. There is a movie, “Because of the Cats.” There is a website, “Because, Cat” but I can’t tell what it’s about. There is even a link to one of my own blogs where the words “because” and “cat” are used.

I still like Because cat best. Here’s how it works:

Why does my cat go crazy when I come home from a long trip?

hilarious-cats-4         Because cat.


My cat is the sweetest thing until he sees the toilet paper. What’s the deal?

home-design        Because cat.


I bought my cat a beautiful – and expensive – cat bed. Why won’t she sleep in it?

A-sink-full-of-cat-l     Because cat.


Why do kittens insist on taking on the world?

cat-climbing-tree     Because kitten.


My cat chases anything that moves.

mg_7629-2     Because cat.


My cat’s giving me the evil eye; what did I do wrong?

eyes-cats-animals-funny-persian-cat-mad-cat-1920x1200-wallpaper_www_wall321_com_63    Because cat.


Cats: the smartest, wisest, most insightful animals on the planet.


Because! Cat!


Thanks to the person who inspired this commentary, though I can’t remember who you are. Thanks to a bunch of great photos from the internet.


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Loves cats. Writes books.
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