A fellow blogger and Nanowrimo participant was recently inspired by yet another participant to blog the things she hates about her novel. The reasoning was good – to stimulate better writing and more in-depth creativity. I can see it, though I wouldn’t use the word, hate, a term I reserve for really evil stuff like war and rape. But it got me thinking. Self-criticism has its place, but self-encouragement may be better.

So here are 9 things that I love about my novel. I encourage others to try this. It doesn’t have to be 9; if you can find at least 2, you’re off to a good start.

by Mollie Hunt - Copy

  1. Bexel: Though I don’t always have a good grasp on my characters in the first draft of a story, Bexel is clear. She is old and wise and miraculous in a vintage wool suit. Cool!

2. The memoir thing: When I titled my work, CatWoman, a Journey of Self, I had no idea memoir could be so freeing. Partly my own past and partly pure fantasy, it’s great tearing crazy gut-wrenching fun.

  1. Cats: Gotta love ‘em.

4. Changing history: Righting wrongs and getting revenge. CatWoman can do anything!

5. Going with the flow: Nanowrimo’s challenging speed gives me a chance to take a more spontaneous approach to my story. Yay, brain!

  1. The loft: The main setting for CatWoman is an ever-evolving loft in southeast Portland. I want to live there.

7. Research: thought Nanowrimo is a fast month of furious writing, every story requires research. This one involves a woman dying of cancer, a crazy cat, an evil overlord, and other elements that I know far too little about. I look forward to expanding my knowledge.

  1. Sci-fi Fantasy: I don’t often write in this genre, and I love it. As a Start Trek fan from the beginning, I’ve watched fantasy become reality. Oh, look! I just got a call on my cell phone…

9. Christmas-bashing: As the holidays rush toward us like a glittery freight train full of expenses I can’t afford and tasks I don’t want to do, I found my real self in my character, Lor, who gave up the commercialism of Christmas sometime back. Since she is dying, no one questions her desire to celebrate quietly with a candle and a prayer.


Have fun with your novel. It is a noble exercise. As the sci-fi author, Davis Gerrold, tells us, “The first million words are just practice.” And if it becomes a best seller, that’s a bonus.


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