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Reblogged: Weigh Your Characters Carefully

Source: Weigh Your Characters Carefully How much do book characters weigh? Does the author tell you or leave it up to your imagination? Do you want to see characters as an image of yourself, or would you rather visualize what … Continue reading

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Anger, like a white dwarf star after implosion, lives on.  Like a star, anger is deadly.  Unlike a star, anger is personal.

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     I’m heavy into the final revision of Placid River Runs Deep, my soon-to-be-published mystery involving a heroine with hepatitis, a not-so-peaceful country get-away, and a revenge plot that has spanned the generations. As I read along, searching for … Continue reading

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“The Committee” Is LIVE! Get Your Copy Today!

Source: “The Committee” Is LIVE! Get Your Copy Today! A cruel, futuristic vision created by science fiction authors James Courtney and Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills. This is the sequel to “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants”. Enjoy! Support indie authors!

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Once again, Oregon is in the news for crazy behavior. I’m not a rancher, a Paiute, a birder, a cop, or a zealot, but this thing has kept me awake at night. I want my wildlife refuge back. I am … Continue reading

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2016 – NEW ROAD

January 1 has dawned bright and sunlit in Portland, cold and beautiful as marble, but now it seems late to run through the record of 2015. I’ve already changed the calendars. Some things stand out, however, as I think back … Continue reading

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