Keep Your Pets Safe at Easter (reblogged)

Keep Your Pets Safe at Easter, reprinted from the Dove Lewis Newsletter, 03/23/16


It’s Pet Poison Prevention Week, and with Easter just around the bend, be sure to steer your furry family members away from floral décor and sweets.

“With any holiday, there’s an increased likelihood of toxin ingestion for companion animals because of families and friends gathering, and exchanges of flowers and festive candies,” says DoveLewis critical care specialist Dr. Ladan Mohammed-Zadeh. “It’s always good to be extra vigilant during these times to ensure your pets stay safe.”

Here are some common pet toxins to watch for around Easter Sunday:

  • Easter lilies – Lilies are highly toxic to cats and can cause kidney damage and kidney failure. If you think your cat has chewed or eaten any portion of a lily plant, seek immediate veterinary care.
  • Easter candy – Many Easter-themed candies contain chocolate, which, aside from causing an upset stomach, can be toxic to cats and dogs. Keep treats out of reach, and seek veterinary treatment if your pet ingests anything chocolate.
  • Decorative grass – The plastic decorative grass that lines Easter baskets can be harmful to cats if chewed or swallowed. It cannot be digested and may cause internal blockages requiring surgery to be removed.

Happy Easter to all!

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