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Warning: This blog is rated PG-13 for V, L, P (politics), SA (substance abuse). Next blog I’ll say something nice. Promise. It’s election year. Enough said, except this year is even stupider than usual. It was one thing when we … Continue reading

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This month marked the 2-year anniversary of my experience with Lux, the cat whose family called 911 when he had an aggressive and threatening outburst after the baby pulled his tail. It was May 2, 2014 that I experienced one … Continue reading

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Goodreads Book Giveaway for Cats’ Eyes

I’m running my 1st Goodreads Book Giveaway beginning tomorrow, May 20, and going through June 5th. Enter for a chance to win a signed copy of Cats’ Eyes, a Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery. In this 1st book of the … Continue reading

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  Tinkerbelle meows around my ankles, telling me it’s time to eat. “Coffee first,” I say. “Right meow!” says she, golden eyes blinking eagerly. Tink is joined by Little, the two black females ganging up on me. Shy Big Red … Continue reading

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  No!! Anything but that! Tears spring to my eyes just writing the title. Yet it is something we must face because death happens, and unfortunate and unfair as it may be, chances are we will outlive our cats. Unlike … Continue reading

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Mollie Hunt’s Extremely Informal Newsletter #3

Cat Tip of the month: Cats especially like stretching and clawing when they wake up from naps, so if your cat has a bed she likes, put it next to a scratcher instead of on furniture she shouldn’t be scratching. … Continue reading

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I called her Mommy until I started high school. One day when I was 12, she took me aside and told me to use her name, Mary Elizabeth, which I did from then on. My heart barely remembers how it … Continue reading

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