Goodreads Book Giveaway for Cats’ Eyes

Cats_Eyes_Cover_for_Kindle from CreateSpaceI’m running my 1st Goodreads Book Giveaway beginning tomorrow, May 20, and going through June 5th. Enter for a chance to win a signed copy of Cats’ Eyes, a Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery. In this 1st book of the series, 58-year-old cat shelter volunteer Lynley Cannon takes crazy to a whole new level.

Retiree Lynley Cannon adores her Old Portland home with her clowder of rescue cats, but when elderly Fluffs drags in a dusky brown beach agate that turns out to be a priceless chocolate diamond, things change fast. The uncut stone, one of a pair called the Cats’ Eyes, has been stolen from its wealthy owner, but how it ended up a cat toy, even the robbers cannot guess. Threatened by kidnapping, theft, and murder, Lynley is determined to maintain her serenity, even if it means finding the crooks herself. With the police completely baffled, friends, family, and a hunky humane society investigator come onboard to help. The killer thinks Lynley has the diamonds and will go to any lengths to get them back. Will Lynley live to clean the litter box another day?

Opens for entries on May 20, 2016

Giveaway dates: May 20 – Jun 05, 2016

Availability: 5 copies available

Format: Print Book

Unfortunately I can’t get my widget to work. Such is life. You should be able to get to the giveaway through this link: Cats’ Eyes Goodreads Book Giveaway.

 Comments and reblogging always welcome.

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