Eight Week Challenge: STUFF HAPPENS

Stuff happens.

Stuff like starting a new medication for my GAD and having it do the exactly reverse effect, throwing me into a full blown anxiety episode. Apparently I have a strange reaction to some drugs. (recall the great Cymbalta withdrawal of January) and my doctor is going to give me a DNA test to see what’s going on. Meanwhile I’ve been off… way off. I did clear out a horrible tangle of weeds at the back of my house so in a way, I did that part of my challenge. I also have no appetite so I probably have lost weight though I don’t want to look in case I haven’t. BTW, anxiety and depression is not a good way to diet.

Then my old sweet kitty got sick and Crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I am wordless with grief. I had to cancel a reading, postpone my new book launch, and I haven’t been able to write. As a cat lady, this is not my first experience with loss, but each is a tragedy it takes painful time to come back from.

It’s still summer in Portland. The figs ripen on the trees. The bees buzz in and out of my husband’s hives. It’s only supposed to rain a little today.

This will be my last 8-week Challenge post. Good luck, all of you who are taking this challenge, and best of luck to Danielle.

Danielle, no matter what, you have succeeded.


The Caffeinated Writer writes:

The closer the end of this challenge comes, the faster it goes. And the faster the challenge goes, IT MEANS IT’S ALMOST TIME TO LEAVE. We’ve got 3 weeks left of the eight week challenge…

Source: Eight Week Challenge: Update 5

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2 Responses to Eight Week Challenge: STUFF HAPPENS

  1. jowensauthor says:

    Hope things turn around for you. So sorry to hear about your kitty crossing the Bridge 😦

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