Cat's Cradle

Cat’s Cradle


Beginning today, August 13, 2016, and continuing through Wednesday, August 17, I’m giving away e-copies of my short story, Cat’s Cradle. Get to know Lynley Cannon, the 60-year-old cat shelter volunteer who keeps finding trouble wherever she goes. Meet the kitten who…

From the back cover: “Lynley Cannon knows the sound of a cat in trouble, so when she hears plaintive mews coming from a gym bag on the floor of a vacant warehouse, she has no choice but to respond. Lynley isn’t the only one who is after that gym bag, however. As shots fly, Lynley and Kitten run for their lives…”

The bag was squirming with a life of its own. I rushed forward. Kneeling, I saw a little spotted nose poke out from a nearly closed zipper. Then the nose disappeared, replaced by a sharp, reflective eye as the kit stared up at me, yowling like a baby wildcat.

“Oh, sweetie,” I whispered, petting the tiny black and white head through the hole. “What have you got yourself into?”

Rather have a real booklet? Cat’s Cradle: A Crazy Cat Lady short story is only 3.99 at CreateSpace.

My other Crazy Cat Lady cozy mysteries include Cat’s Eyes (#1), Copy Cats (#2), and coming November 10, Cat’s Paw (#3). A heartfelt thanks to everyone who loves cats and cozy cat mysteries.

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