Mollie Hunt’s Extremely Informal Newsletter #5


Star Trek Cats by Jenny Parks

Star Trek Cats by Jenny Parks

Mollie Hunt’s Extremely Informal Newsletter

Mollie Hunt, Cat Writer

Cat Tip of the month: It’s common knowledge that a cat’s purr can reduce anxiety and lower high blood pressure in their human companions, but studies show that the low frequency vibration of the purr may also induce bone growth, promote pain relief and help heal tendons and muscles.

Hello friends! I had a wonderful and enlightening time at the Star Trek convention earlier this month. This was a particularly poignant gathering because September 6 is the 50th Anniversary of the premier of the original series. We mourn the loss of those who are no longer with us and celebrate the continuing Star Trek philosophy of hope and diversity.

Book News: 

Cat’s Eyes and Copy Cats are now on Smashwords, “the world’s largest distributor of indie ebooks.” Smashwords offers several different e-formats besides Amazon Kindle such as iPhone, iPod Touch, Sony Reader or Barnes & Noble Nook, and other e-reading devices. They also allow the reader is a 15% to 20% sample of the book for free. I’m excited to become part of their network.


Thunderclap Campaign: In anticipation of my new book, Cat’s Paw, I’ve started a promotion of through Thunderclap*.

How it works: It’s free!! Go to my THUNDERCLAP CAMPAIGN page and sign up to pledge your support by clicking one of the buttons. Then on October 26, you will receive a single tweet or post . This is the message you will see:  “Celebrate Mollie Hunt’s upcoming Crazy Cat Lady mystery #3 by getting 1st book in series, Cat’s Eyes for only $0.99.”

The trick is I need at least 100 backers, or no tweets go out at all. Every single signer has a huge effect. Please join my supporters in sharing my message across Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr all at the same time on Oct. 26.

*Described as crowdsourcing without cash, Thunderclap works by allowing a single message to be mass-shared, flash mob-style, so it rises above the noise of your social networks, helping a single person like me to be heard. “Supporters” agree to share my message by October 26; on that date, the message is blasted out on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, leading to massive social reach and amplification.


Cover Reveal and Contest for Cat’s Paw, a Crazy Cat Lady Mystery #3.

Can you guess which wonderful Leslie Cobb cat painting I will be using for the Cat’s Paw cover? Visit Leslie’s website at Cat Art by Leslie Cobb and check out her work, then email me your guess or write it in the comment line of my Cover Reveal Facebook Event page. Correct guesses win 2 signed copies of Cat’s Paw. (Contest ends when I reveal the cover on October 10, 2016)


Book Events:

 Conversations with Writers: a Hillsboro, Oregon group that invites writers to read and tell about their work and their writing methods. September 26, 2016  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Hillsboro Main Library, 2850 Brookwood Pkwy, Hillsboro

“Changing the World Through Fiction: Introducing altruism without using soapbox rhetoric (or putting your reader to sleep.)” As a fiction writer, I create an engaging and entertaining story; as an animal rescue advocate, I raise awareness of our companion animals and the ways we can help them. By introducing characters and situations involved with animal welfare into my cozy cat mysteries, my readers come away with more than a pleasant read.


Cat’s Paw, a Crazy Cat Lady Mystery #3 Champagne Launch Celebration

November 10, 2016: Another Read Through, 7:00pm. Please join me to celebrate the launch of my 3rd Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery, Cat’s Paw at our favorite independent bookstore, Another Read Through.

When cat shelter volunteer Lynley Cannon attends an exclusive art retreat at the world-famous Cloverleaf Animal Sanctuary, she gets more than a lesson in drawing. Accused by vigilantes of a shocking double homicide, she persuades them of her innocence and heads home to Portland, but murder follows in her wake. It all comes down to cats in this 3rd Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery.


The Power of the Pen Reading and Book Signing Series. Wednesday, December 7 – Refreshments at 1:30pm – Reading begins at 2:00pm. Courtyard Fountains Senior Living, 1545 SE 223rd, Gresham.

I will have boxed sets of Crazy Cat Lady mysteries #1, #2, #3 for a special price.


Recent Blogs:

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Thanks for playing along. Feel free to forward. I love hearing comments and suggestions.

Be safe,



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