Join me in dedicating Cat’s Paw: Beloved kitties who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge

rainbow bridge cat

I will be dedicating my new Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery, Cat’s Paw, (launch November 10th) to all those beloved, precious, wonderful kitties who are no longer with us. I personally have had 2 recent losses and know of several others. I am opening the dedication to anyone whose cat has crossed the Bridge recently, or in the past, to those who are literally lost, and those we will always remember with all our hearts. If you want your kitty’s name included in the dedication, comment their name to this post by September 15th. All are welcome.


Cat Poem 


They will not go quietly,

 the cats who’ve shared our lives.

 In subtle ways they let us know

 their spirit still survives. 


Old habits still make us think

 we hear a meow at the door.

 Or step back when we drop

 a tasty morsel on the floor.


Our feet still go around the place

 the food dish used to be,

 And, sometimes, coming home at night,

 we miss them terribly. 


And although time may bring new friends

 and a new food dish to fill,

 That one place in our hearts

 belongs to them. . . and always will.


By Linda Barnes

About Mollie Hunt

Loves cats. Writes books.
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4 Responses to Join me in dedicating Cat’s Paw: Beloved kitties who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge

  1. jowensauthor says:

    What a sweet gesture! I have lost two sweet kitties so far over the years. There was my Ragdoll kitty, Gizmo, who lived to be 19 before we had to help him cross the Bridge. I was 12 years old when my family brought him home as a kitten. And there was Smokey, my sweet Norweigan Forest (I think) kitty, who I lost when she was only 7 years old to undiagnosed diabetes. A couple years after I lost her I brought home my sweet Shadow kitty, who is now an old man of 14 years.

  2. Allison says:

    Lucy was my first cat. She showed up in my bushes in the fall of 2006 when I needed a friend. Within a few weeks, I adopted her. She broke all my stereotypes of cats. After I lost her in 2013 to Chronic Kidney Failure, I became a cat lady. I also started to help rescue cats and to write about animal welfare. Lucy will always be loved.

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