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There’s only 2 months and a few days until the launch of my newest Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery, Cat’s Paw. Yes, I know it took longer than expected, but cat things take time. I think you will be happy with the results, and since the release is in November, I’ll have a boxed set of all 3 Crazy Cat Lady mysteries for the holidays.

Honoring my 2 recent losses, Cat’s Paw will be dedicated simply to all those beloved, precious, wonderful kitties who are no longer with us. I am opening the dedication to anyone whose cat has crossed the Bridge recently, or in the past; to those who are literally lost, and those we will always remember with all our hearts. If you want your kitty included in the book dedication, comment their name to this post by September 15th. All are welcome.

Now to Cat’s Paw, a Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery :

Lynley Cannon is in trouble again.

It all starts when the sixty-something cat shelter volunteer is invited to the exclusive Cloverleaf Animal Sanctuary art retreat by her college colleague, Simon Bird. The retreat, located on its very own island in the San Juans, is a dream come true for Lynley. The peaceful setting; the precious animals; time spent with Simon who also happens to be heading the sessions: What could possibly go wrong?


Things turn from tranquil to terrifying when two women are murdered and Lynley is accused of the crimes. She asserts her innocence, and once cleared, runs home to Portland, but death follows in her wake.

After a third victim is discovered, this time in the city, it comes out that each have had a close link with Simon Bird. Unsure whether her old friend is the target of a heinous plan to rip away everyone he loves or is the killer himself, Lynley must fight through fear, assault, and her own anxiety disorder to survive.

In a twist she never saw coming, it all comes down to cats in this 3rd Crazy Cat Lady mystery.


Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way. Please support my Thunderclap Campaign to promote Cat’s Paw and offering Cats’ Eyes, book 1 of the series, for 0.99 cents through October.


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