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I’m so happy to be chosen as a Top 50 Cat Blogger by Thoroughly Reviewed!

Thoroughly Reviewed describes themselves as “a free online resource that allows consumers to view our editorial rankings and product comparisons. Like our name states we thoroughly review products and rank them based on our set of criteria that we feel is important to consumers.”

Thoroughly Reviewed also recognizes bloggers who are passionate about something, and in this case, felines. It’s exciting to be listed among excellent cat bloggers such as my friends and fellow Cat Writer’s Association members Marci Koski’s Feline Behavior Solutions and Dusty Rainbolt’s Universe. Many on the list I’ve never heard of and am certainly looking forward to checking them out. If you enjoy cat blogs, Thoroughly Reviewed has comprised a comprehensive list of some of the best.

I blog about many things: writing, memoir, opinion, Star Trek, health & welfare, photography, TV show reviews, and even a little bit of poetry, but my all-time favorite topic is cats. Whether it’s shelter cats, funny kitty anecdotes, cat health and life stages, or the ever-elusive mysteries of litter box issues, I could go on for hours (but try to limit myself to a page or 2).

I’m so glad others enjoy my journeys into the feline mind as much as I do.



About Mollie Hunt

Loves cats. Writes books.
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9 Responses to I’M A TOP 50 CAT BLOGGER!

  1. Congratulations! We found your cat blog through the Top 50 Cat Blogger link by Thoroughly Reviewed. Very well deserved honor!

  2. Marc-André says:

    Congrats! And we are on the list too 😀 I need to do a post like this soon. ^^

  3. jowensauthor says:

    What a great and truly deserved honor! Congratulations!

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