If you have read any of my Crazy Cat Lady cozy mysteries, (Cats’ Eyes, Copy Cats, Cat’s Paw) you know that I begin each chapter with an interesting cat tip or fact. I’ve amassed quite a collection and thought it would be fun to share a few with you. There are several topics; this one is about the folks who cat.



 Depending on what sources you reference, Ailuromania is defined as: a passion for cats; an abnormal love of cats; an addiction to cats; an unhealthy obsession with cats; a desire to have many cats, even when conditions are not suitable for health.

Notable ailurophiles include Albert Einstein, Florence Nightingale, H.G. Wells, Sir Winston Churchill, Pope Benedict XVI, George Burns, John Lennon, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Queen Victoria, Nostradamus, and Vanna White. Freddie Mercury of the band, Queen, phoned his cats when he was on tour.

Notable ailurophobes include Napoleon Bonaparte, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Hitler.

Singing Cat On Piano

A Georgia family adopted a sweet white cat named Mr. Meowy from a local animal rescue group; the next day, Mr. Meowy returned the favor by saving the family’s home from going up in flames.

It’s common knowledge that a cat’s purr can reduce anxiety and lower high blood pressure in their human companions, but studies show that the low frequency vibration of the purr may also induce bone growth, promote pain relief and help heal tendons and muscles.

The human-feline bond has been documented to save lives. Cat people will do for cats what they would not do for themselves. A man was dissuaded from committing suicide by jumping off a building when he saw his red tabby cat held in the policeman’s arms.

I can’t say enough about the Pet Partners Program (formerly the Delta Society). Through their unflagging efforts, cats, dogs, bunnies, alpacas, miniature horses and other animals bring joy, comfort and compassion to hospitals, nursing homes, hospice patients, schools, libraries and more.


Humane Societies, unlike government funded animal control services, are generally private, non-profit organizations that depend on donations and volunteers. They are not related to each other or the HSUS.

“The Portland (Oregon) metropolitan area has reduced euthanasia in local shelters by 65% from 2006 to 2012, thanks to the efforts of the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP) and their Spay & Save program which alters cats for owners in need of financial assistance. No healthy, social cat or dog has been euthanized since 2010.” —The Oregon Humane Society.

Why buy a pet from a breeder when so many “accidental” animals need loving homes? And if you must have that special breed, try a Breeder Rescue. Shelters also offer breed animals as well as mutts. Adopt your next pet from a shelter.

A cat is considered feral if it has grown up in the wild without human contact. These cats are terribly afraid of humans and rarely adapt to being pets. To cut down on rampant feral populations, many communities have adopted a Trap-Neuter-Return program. With TNR, the cats can live out their normal lives without adding to the homeless cat population.


The definition of an animal hoarder is someone who keeps higher than usual numbers of pets without being able to properly care for them, while at the same time denying the problem.

Abuse of an animal is a serious offence. Every state in the US has laws prohibiting cruelty to animals, and 41 states plus the District of Columbia have felony provisions for animal cruelty which include heavy fines and even jail time. Yay!

If, like most of us, you’re not a cat psychic, you may still be able to understand what your cat is thinking. Body language – eyes, ears, whiskers and tail – convey many messages of their own.


You don’t often hear about cats who save the day, but there are plenty of feline heroes. In documented incidents, cats have rescued humans from fires, snakes, sexual assault, carbon monoxide poisoning, heart failure, seizures and dangerously low blood sugar levels. There is even a case of a cat dialing 911 when their owner fell from his wheelchair.

Think your cat is the cutest? There are more than 40 animal talent agencies in the U.S.A.. Agents audition animals for films, theater, photo shoots, and television, but it’s not all glitz and glamour. Animal talent work tends to be low-paying and long hours. Only a few cats will tolerate the rigorous schedule of being a kitty star.



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7 Responses to CATS! CAN YOU BELIEVE?

  1. Roby Sweet says:

    Oddly enough, I had not heard the term “ailuromania” before. Thanks for introducing it, and for these other neat facts!

  2. cikitaokt says:

    I always love your pictures! Those are always cute

  3. Brian says:

    Such a cool cat post! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Mollie Hunt says:

      Thank you, Brian. I’m new to blog hops and actually got an error message halfway through, so I didn’t realize it worked. I couldn’t figure out how to get the badge. Thanks for hosting. Maybe next time I’ll do it right.

  4. Dash Kitten says:

    Nice to meet you, next time you will get it 100% right, we are all perfect (after a LOT of practice – right??!!!)

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