I recently put together a book of photos of the cats of Lynley Cannon, the heroine in my Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery series, for a book presentation I was giving. I passed it around the room and talked to the audience about all the cats. It brought to life a little bit of Lynley’s world and was a great success so I though I would share it with you too.

ce-cc-cp-dirty-harry      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

~Dirty Harry: An older gentleman who likes to sleep in his donut and sometimes laze around the fenced back yard.

ce-cc-cp-little-2      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

~Little: The ambassadoress who always greets Lynley at the door and tells her all about it.

ce-cc-cp-big-red-2      002 - Copy - Copy

~Big Red: 17 pounds of muscled tabby dynamite but is a bit of a scardycat.

IMG_20151004_092521681      026 (2)

~Tinkerbelle: Registered Pet Pals therapy cat who visits hospice patients with Lynley.

tumblr_static_6656-white_cat_blue_and_green_eyes_cat     ce-cc-cp-solo

~Solo: A singular beauty who lives her life out of sight of human eyes (but that may change soon! Stay tuned for Cat Cafe, 2018)

ce-cc-cp-violet      imgp0114

~Violet: The large girl with the beach ball shape and an attitude of cattitude.


~Fraulein Fluffs (Fluffo): A sweet older lady on hospice from Friends of Felines shelter.

mab-2      mab-3

~Mab: The Siamese kitten Lynley rescued from a nefarious breeder in Copy Cats.

cp-emilio      055-copy

~Emilio: Lynley’s latest with whom she bonded at the Cloverleaf Animal Sanctuary art retreat in the San Juan Islands. (Cat’s Paw)


Coming in 2017, Cary Grant & Clark Gable: Lynley finds herself “wrangling” this pair of actor cats who star in TV and film in Cat Call.

I hope you have enjoyed our brief tour of Lynley Cannon’s clowder. They all feature prominently in the Crazy Cat Lady mystery series. (They wouldn’t be cat mysteries without the cats, now would they?)

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  1. Roby Sweet says:

    That is quite a cast of cats! I especially like Violet and her “attitude of catitude” 🙂

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