I always write out my blogs before I post them, but TODAY IS THE EXCEPTION. I’ve tried putting the significance of today out of my mind, concentrating on my participation in the Women’s March tomorrow as a stand I can take against the unfathomable distressful fearsome events of today, but today will not vanish. I am heavy-hearted, solemn, scared. How much can one person do in the face of evil and wrongdoing?

Such a big shock to find so many fellow Americans so far from my own vision of truth. That, more than the person who today is usurping the throne of our country. I say throne because it seems that instead of a respectful presidency, this person treats his election like a kingdom-ship. His family, his cabinet, all close to him. A little coven of like-minded folk dazzled by their own wealth and power. Maybe not. I don’t know these people, only what they stand for. I’m appalled and afraid and angry.

So today. What about today? I’m already sinking into anxiety. Breath ragged and failing; throat constricted.

I hear people say:

Maybe it will be okay.

Maybe he will do good in his office of king.

Maybe he’s just what this country needs.

I can’t listen to that speak, so sure am I of my own convictions. One doesn’t come to 65 with out a little knowledge of the world. What really happened in the 60’s? What’s really happening now?

What’s really happening today?

That’s enough of a ramble. I promise my next post will be about cats. Until then, take care, be safe, and watch your butts.


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Loves cats. Writes books.
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1 Response to FREE-WRITING

  1. elizabeth ann johnson-murphree says:

    I agree with many of your thoughts, however when I first open my FB page that is mostly writers I was faced with a barrage of vulgar words in one post from whom I thought was more political savvy. I agree to disagree…marching, protesting and such is how this country was built. I myself believe in freedom of speech as I write daily. The use of vulgarity has no place on my FB page and shows lack of class. We live in depressing times, yet as I stated on my blog this morning, let us get on with our business of writing, art and continue to live with class and dignity. It sets us apart from the animals; which is a word I dislike using here since my animals have more class than some human beings. Write Mollie, let your voice be heard. Ann

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