When you Google Cat Writer, you really don’t get a whole lot of joy. Most of the links go to various paws of the Cat Writers’ Association. But there you have it: If there is a Cat Writers’ Association, then it logically follows that there are cat writers. That these fur-tive storytellers are difficult to define makes perfect sense when you consider the mysterious and unique nature of the animal they emulate.

It’s really very simple: cat writers write cat-centric books and stories. They write both fiction  and non-fiction, anything that features felines in a majority of the content. Cat non-fiction includes but is not limited to cat memoir, cat help, and cat behavior. Cat fiction can be just about anything: cat mysteries, cat cozies, and cat sci-fi  are only a few of the more popular sub-sub genres.  Many authors have written  a cat book or two, but if cats aren’t featured predominantly in their body of work, they would not be considered cat writers.

Why write cat? What is it about the feline species that propels it to such literary popularity? When did writers first begin to introduce cats as a vital part of their stories? Why do readers lap them up like a saucer of cream?*

In this blog series, we will explore those questions and more. We’ll look at different types of cat writing and highlight cat writers themselves.  Do you have a favorite cat book or cat writer you would like to see featured here? If so, let me know and I will do my best to include them.

*(PS: milk products, including cream, are not good for adult cats and will likely cause diarrhea)

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  1. breyerrose says:

    PS – Goat’s milk is fine and healthy for cats. You ca find it in most supermarket dairy cases (fresh) and in the baking supplies with the canned milk also.

    • Mollie Hunt says:

      I can’t find much info from a veterinarian source right off the bat about cats and goat milk, but I’ll look into it. There is a lot of advertising, but that’s not a source I listen to.

  2. Roby Sweet says:

    Looking forward to this series! I’d especially like to learn more about cats in fantasy/sci fi.

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