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Sounds Like A Plan – One-liner Wednesday #1linerWeds #NationalCatladyDay

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? ? ? This post is part of One-Liner Wednesday: And is brought to you by #NationalCatladyDay and #CatCon ? (Image found on Pinterest)

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Exciting News from the Cat Writers’ Association

One of the most satisfying things that has happened to me this year was being accepted for membership by the Cat Writers’ Association. To see my name among the greats like Shirley Rousseau Murphy (The Joe Grey mystery series), Debbie … Continue reading

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10 WAYS TO “CAT” IN 2017

What makes cats so aloof and self-possessed when their human counterparts are chasing their tails just to get through the day? Cats know something we don’t, and they’re more than willing to teach us by their grand example. 1  No … Continue reading

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A home is never so empty as when one has lost a beloved cat. Even if there are other pets still present, chances are they feel the loss as well. If kitty went peacefully, there will be empty beds, forsaken … Continue reading

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