10 WAYS TO “CAT” IN 2017

What makes cats so aloof and self-possessed when their human counterparts are chasing their tails just to get through the day? Cats know something we don’t, and they’re more than willing to teach us by their grand example.

1  No one is the boss of you.

Cats don’t take well to being bossed around, and neither do most people. So cat next time someone tries to manipulate you; hold your tail proudly and walk away.

2  Ignore people you don’t like, or go sit on them.

Cats have 2 ways of dealing with those humans who offend them: ignoring them or sitting on their lap. Instead of starting an argument you can’t win, try being cat when someone is offensive.

3  Sometimes cat-tastrophe is required.

Have you ever seen a cat race fast as she can from one place to another for no apparent reason? A break from complacency can heighten the senses, combat negative emotions, and vent frustration. Who doesn’t want to cat like that once in a while?

 4  Pain doesn’t rule.

Cats are tremendously stoic. It’s very cat not show his pain until it takes over his life.  Though I’d rather cure an illness than ignore it, we may have to buck up a bit when we lose our medical insurance.

5  Fight of flight.

If a cat is cornered, she has 2 choices, fight or flight. The trick is to know which is required. No one can fight every battle. Pick the fights that mean the most to you and gracefully cat out of the rest.

6 Be here now.

Cats live in the moment, unconcerned with yesterday or tomorrow. By dealing only with today, there is less chance to get caught up by an unalterable past or an unpredictable future, leaving our energy open for catting in the now.

7 You can sleep anywhere.

Ever notice how a cat can nap in some of the strangest places? Think cat next time you’re whining about your lumpy mattress or your worrying mind.

8 Be confident.

When things don’t go right the first time, be more cat. Try again – or walk away and do something completely unrelated.

9 Affection is warm.

Warmth is a cat magnet. Whether it’s a heating pad or a cozy lap, keeping warm is a duty when the cold season rolls around. But warmth is more than temperature. We all need our loved ones and should remember to give them a purr of thanks for standing by us.

10  Love is floofly.

Sometimes stuff sucks.  That’s when there is nothing better than to be extremely cat and curl up with someone you love.

Thank you, internet, for sharing the cat pictures with me.



About Mollie Hunt

Loves cats. Writes books.
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2 Responses to 10 WAYS TO “CAT” IN 2017

  1. iamthesunking says:

    No. 6 is definitely Louis Catorze. Mainly because he doesn’t remember yesterday!

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