Exciting News from the Cat Writers’ Association

Guardian Angel #2, by Leslie Cobb

One of the most satisfying things that has happened to me this year was being accepted for membership by the Cat Writers’ Association. To see my name among the greats like Shirley Rousseau Murphy (The Joe Grey mystery series), Debbie DeLouise (The Cobble Cove mystery series), Carole Nelson Douglas (the Midnight Louie, P. I. feline mystery series), and many more whose names you would immediately recognize was a thrill. I’ve learned a lot from the group and gained a number of friends. I’ve been exposed to wonderful cat work of all types from art to fiction to kitty how-to. I’m still thrilled every time I get a newsletter or an email headlined “CWA”.

Next month, CWA is holding their annual conference, this time in Myrtle Beach, SC, and I will be trekking from Oregon to be there. Again, thrilled and excited. I will finally get a chance to meet the people I’ve been communicating with face to face!

The Cat Writers’ Association Annual Conference is where they announce the winners of the Communication Contest. The winners of the Certificates of Excellence in the many categories have been notified, but at the conference, the Muse Medallion winners will be announced. This special prize is highly coveted among cat writers because it is only given with merit.

And even more thrilling and exciting news! My 3-part blogpost, “Life Stages”, was selected as a Certificate of Excellence winner. I received a lovely script certificate and am now eligible for a Muse Medallion as well. As a first-time contest participant, I can’t describe how fulfilling it feels to have my work acknowledged by such a group of my peers.

You can read the winning entries here:


“The CWA is a WRITERS’ organization founded to encourage professionalism among cat writers, photographers, artists & broadcasters.”


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10 Responses to Exciting News from the Cat Writers’ Association

  1. Bernadette says:

    Con-cat-ulations Mollie! What an honor to have an article written about so personal an experience win an award. One of these days, when I dig myself out of all the clean-up I have here, I hope to read a few of your books. Sorry I’ll miss you at the conference!

  2. jowensauthor says:

    Congrats! I hope you win the medallion 🙂

  3. Joyce says:

    Go, Mollie!!!

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