ANNOUNCING The Dream Spinner, a Brief Cat Fantasy by Mollie Hunt


A long time ago, before the Crazy Cat Lady, before Placid River, before I knew I was going to quit my day job and hole up in a plush cave to write full time, I imagined. I imagined all the time, and many of these imaginings tended toward cat fantasy. I didn’t know it was a genre then, only that, in some alternative universe, cats could save the world.

I penned a cat science fantasy fiction tetrology called Cat Seasons (Cat Summer, Cat Winter, Cat Autumn, and Cat Spring) which I am still working on to this day. It’s one of those projects that I keep coming back to. A labor of love? Maybe I just don’t want to let go of the possibility that cats can save the world.


Someday the tetrology will be published, but in the mean time, a very brief cat fantasy is now availible. I have published The Dream Spinner for kindle and in print. (In print, it is a tiny book of only 12 pages.)

Morningstar is a cat with a special gift. He is a Dream Spinner, one who can weave the fabric of people’s dreams as they sleep. Morningstar’s talent is welcomed by the elderly residents of St. Joseph’s Care Facility until he is unwittingly swept into the nightmare world of a troubled woman. The distraught mind is a treacherous place; will Morningstar’s feline cunning get him out alive?

Thanks to all who support me, to those who inspire me, and most of all, to the cats, who may just turn around and save this beautiful world.

Enjoy! Read! Leave reviews!



About Mollie Hunt

Loves cats. Writes books.
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6 Responses to ANNOUNCING The Dream Spinner, a Brief Cat Fantasy by Mollie Hunt

  1. Brian says:

    WOW! Congrats, that sounds interesting!

  2. Marc-André says:

    Would you like to write a little post about your book for Katzenworld? 🙂

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