What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words, Star Trek convention (besides nerds)? Costumes! I think anybody who says they don’t like to play dress up is lying. Whether it’s wearing a designer dress to an event or donning pajamas to go to a wrestling match, it’s dress up. I say embrace it and have fun.

Before we get into cosplay though, I want to share some of the guests we saw today.


George Takei started us off this morning with birthday greetings to President Obama.


Gotta love Kate Mulgrew! Always generous and beautiful, a straight speaker, she minces no words. Captain Janeway and so much more.


Then there is Bill. William Shatner is the most driven man I’ve ever known. Currently working on movies, television, and books, he waxed poetic about horses and all they bring to humanity. His charity helps handicapped children and veterans with PTSD using horses for therapy.

If you haven’t seen the TNG episode, “Inner Light”, find it and watch it. Don’t read anything about it first because the shocker ending is part of its beauty. We had a panel with main actors Margot Rose, Sir Patrick Stewart, and writer Morgan Gendel but I forgot to take a photo.

But you want to see more costumes, don’t you?

Until tomorrow, the finale.

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