These 5 days go by so fast, a time warp of sorts. Now it’s almost over, only one day left…


First panel, Voyager, with Robert Duncan McNeil, Garrett Wang, and Tim Russ behind the water bottle. Yes, I spent way too much time obsessing over that bottle being in the way of my shot.


Then Karl Urban from the new movies. They moved the bottle but now Karl put his coffee cup there. Ah, well.

Star Trek 4? Unfortunately no news, yet. It could go either way. I really liked Star Trek Beyond.


Another panel, DS9 Panel with Jeffrey Combs, Casey Biggs, Nichole de Boer, James Darren, and Marc Alaimo. (Wayoon, DeMar, Ezri Dax, Vic Fontaine, Gul Dukat) Also writer Ira Steven Behr with the blue beard. For next year’s 25th anniversary, he is producing the DS9 documentary, “What We Left Behind,” and promises never seen before footage and new insights to this Star Trek middle child.


The Borg Queen. Isn’t she beautiful? Alice Krige, Shakespearean actor with all sorts of credentials, gives her impression of joining the ST family as an alien arch enemy. She is so soft spoken it’s hard to believe she can make it work, but they played a clip and her quiet certitude gave me chills. “I am Borg.”



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