BLACK CAT APPRECIATION DAY, by Little, a black cat



Some call me shadowcat; others, chat noir; and still others, little panther. (Little Panther was actually my name when I first came to my forever home, but Mom began calling me Little and it stuck.) Any way you look at me, I am a black cat.

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Yes, I had a couple of tough years before Mom adopted me from the shelter, but since then, my life’s been a bowl of tuna. But I hear the rumors, that not all human people like cats of the color, black. Some are afraid or believe in silly superstitions, and others just want a cat with more pizazz to their coat. Anyway, black cats seem to get left at the shelter longer than some others, even when we’re outgoing, friendly, and obviously the most beautiful felines there.

So someone came up with the idea of giving us our special day, Black Cat Appreciation Day. It doesn’t mean much to me, because it seems only logical that every day should be a day to appreciate your cat, no matter what they look like. Still, if it helps get the word out, and finds us forever homes, let them have at it.

Here are a few noir friends available right now:

Barry, 1 year old

This handsome guy is looking for a mellow, low traffic home where he is pampered and adored. Barry can be nervous in new situations but give him the time he needs to adjust and he’ll be your friend in no time. Once he feels comfortable, Barry gives the best head-butts and purrs like a champ! Give this gorgeous boy a second chance at love!

Shadow, 12 years old

Meet Shadow! He is a sweet and loving fella that can’t wait to find his new best friend in life. He is FIV+ so he will need to be indoors only with access to high grade food and regular vet visits. This little man is looking for a place to call his own and a companion to spend lots of time with. Shadow would enjoy playing with you, napping in the sun and chatting about his day. His handsome face and endearing personality will capture your heart and make you ask yourself how you ever lived without him. Is Shadow the feline friend you have been searching for?

Thor, 8 years old

This shy fellow is Thor, and he would love a safe and loving home of his own. He’s very timid around new people and in new situations, and it takes him a while to learn to trust.  He is a gentle soul who would like a quiet home where he is provided the patience and time to adjust to his new surroundings.


Hedgehog, 6 months old and Leah, 3 months old

These adorable little kittens are playful and sweet! Play is an important part of their development at this age and they will need you to be patient with them as they learn what it means to be a cat. They would love to have access to lots of toys and daily playtime. If you are ready to care for an adorable boy or girl (or both!) and give them what kittens need for a lifetime of health and happiness, they will repay you with lots of fun and love!

All the above adoptable cats are at the Oregon Humane Society, the place I came from many years ago. They would love to see you and get to go to a forever home, like me.






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7 Responses to BLACK CAT APPRECIATION DAY, by Little, a black cat

  1. You are all so adorable, I don’t know why some people feel the way they do. Black cats are gorgeous! Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!!

  2. jowensauthor says:

    I’d take them all, if I could 🙂

  3. Brian says:

    They are all stunning! It’s really just luck of the draw that there are no black kitties inside here, we think black cats rock, Three of our feral family members are black and we love them to bits!

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