I’m excited! Cat Call launches in 40 days! I’m reading over the second proof now, ordering postcards, making up the back cover blurb.

“When a friend suffers a bizarre accident on the set of a television pilot, Lynley takes over as cat handler, only to find out the show is “hexed” and murder is waiting in the wings.”

I’ve really enjoyed writing this story which borrows from my real life experience both as an extra for television and as an assistant cat handler for the cult classic, Zombie Cats From Mars. (PS: Mollie Hunt the actress listed in IMDb is not me; I am the cat wrangler.) I’ve loved theater from my first gig in a grade school production of Pirates of Penzance to the Star Trek conventions where I hear actors tell the stories of how they made the big time. It’s only natural Lynley Cannon would share some of the “Show Business” enthusiasm.

In Cat Call, Lynley finds herself in trouble again, this time on the set of a TV mystery pilot. Cat handler Rhonda Kane is injured in a fall when the steps of her trailer are vandalized, and she pleads with Lynley to take her place on the show. The identical red tabbies Clark Gable and Cary Grant know their stuff, but just as Lynley begins to think she’s got the new job down, weirder challenges loom. Rumors fly that a mysterious “hex” is causing accidents like Rhonda’s. Hex or a hoax, Lynley knows that something’s very wrong. When the mishaps give way to murder, only actor Ray Anderson and her own granddaughter Seleia can save her from becoming a casualty herself.

I’ll be posting more about Cat Call in the weeks to come. Got questions? Just ask.

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To celebrate the new book coming out, I’ve lowered the Kindle price of my other Crazy Cat Lady mysteries, Cats’ Eyes, Copy Cats, and Cat’s Paw.




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  1. Philip Kamau says:

    I love this. “Hex”, I like this joke too.

  2. Valentine says:

    Ooh, that sounds like a good mystery, Miss Mollie! I bet you had fun writing it! Are the red Tabby kitties based on kitties in your life? Mew Mew & purrs!

    • Mollie Hunt says:

      The identical red tabbies, Cary Grant and Clark Gable, are purely fiction, described as what I would like the perfect actor cats to be. My personal experience as a cat handler was quite different since we were using kitties from a local shelter, totally untrained and unpredictable. Thank goodness for editing.

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