Original illustration by Valériane. Please check out her work here: http://valeriane.org/blog or http://valeriane.org.

What’s different about Cat Call?

That’s a tough one. Cat Call is a cozy, and cozies have rules. Cozy readers require a certain set of elements. We want to revisit the old neighborhood. We want to meet characters who have become friends. We want to know there will be trials and tribulations, but that good will prevail. We want our happy ending.

By their very nature, cozies need to invoke a feeling of familiarity without becoming predictable. We still want to be surprised and, yes, shocked! We want a twist. We want to try to guess Who done it? and why. Don’t worry. Cat Call has all the fun stuff we like in a cozy cat mystery.

Cary Grant & Clark Gable, actor cats

What sets Cat Call apart from the other Crazy Cat Lady stories?

The first thing you’ll notice about Cat Call is that Lynley ventures into new territory. Thrown into unfamiliar surroundings— the set of a television mystery pilot— she finds herself assuming the new and unusual job of cat handler. Cat Call takes us behind the scenes as we watch Lynley do her darndest to keep up with the whirlwind world of films.

Also a breakaway from previous stories, Cat Call turns an eye on the occult. Crazy cat lady Lynley Cannon doesn’t usually dabble in arcane matters, but strange happenings on set have her wondering. What is this mysterious “hex” everyone is talking about? The show is fraught with mayhem and misfortune. Is it a hex, or a hoax?

Finally, Lynley arrives on the scene with a new tool in her belt. She has been taking self-defense classes from her good friend Special Agent Denny Paris, so this time when chaos comes her way, Lynley gets to throw a few punches of her own.

A new cast of characters mingle with the old:
Lynley befriends a famous actor.
Seleia hits it off with the young production assistant.
Big Emilio plays ambassador to the actor cats, Clark Gable and Cary Grant, when they come for an overnight.
But don’t worry—Lynley is still the same cat lady we’ve come to love. (Not quite crazy yet.) There are heart-to-hearts with shelter buddy Frannie, cookies from Cupcake City, and it goes without saying, lots of cats.

A scene from Cat Call:

“Give her some room here.” The medic, Louis, flagged the onlookers back. Sirens were approaching, still blocks away but coming fast.

“Will I be okay?” It was a plea.

“Sure, hon,” Louis mumbled, “but it looks like you have a nasty break. The ambulance will be here in a minute. Just try to stay quiet and breathe.”

Rhonda sank back onto the gravel, barely stifling her tears, but did as ordered. The in-and-out motion of her breaths seemed to soothe her, and the whimpers hushed into little meows.

The siren, loud now, abruptly cut off. I looked up to see people motioning the emergency vehicle down through the lot toward Rhonda. It pulled to a hard stop and a pair of EMTs appeared, parting the crowd to get to their patient. They took one look at Rhonda’s misshapen leg and began to prep her for the inevitable trip to the ER.

As they got her onto the gurney, she reached for my hand. “Take the cats,” she moaned. “Take the cats for the shoot.”
“But…” I stammered. “But I don’t know anything about cat handling.”

“You know about cats. They know what to do. Please, Lynley. I’m afraid if they don’t work today, we’ll be fired. Please? You can do it, I know you can.”

Her hand fell away as they began to roll her toward the vehicle. I didn’t have a chance to answer, but Rhonda’s eyes were closed now. She knew I would say yes.

Behind me, in the buzz of worried conversation, I thought heard someone say the word, hex.


Cat Call will be out on October 26th and is available for preorder now. Cats’ Eyes, Copy Cats, and Cat’s Paw will be on sale through October 31. Catch up now!




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  1. Valériane says:

    Thanks for using my art to illustrate your article, could you please link back to my blog http://valeriane.org/blog or my portfolio http://valeriane.org ?
    Thanks in advance and good lucks on your writing!

    • Mollie Hunt says:

      Hello, Valeriane! I’m so happy you connected with me and appreciate your understanding about my use of your artwork. I find my illustrations on the internet and try to give credit when I know where the artwork originates. Often, though, on sites like Pinterest, no link is given. I will gladly post your name and link right away.

      • Valériane says:

        Thank you very much for your understanding! I hadn’t been careful enough and post the picture the first time without placing my url on it, and very few people can trace it’s origin back. So it’s not your fault, I just need to dig into pinterest to get some recognition.

      • Mollie Hunt says:

        I do love the illustration.

  2. Hi, Mollie. I like bed reading Valentine’s review of this, you new book, and have put it in my to buy list. It sounds and reads like it has a great cosy feel and also a new dynamic from moving to slightly uncharted territory. Can’t wait to get it. Love the Valeriane’s illustration, and pleased she came forwards so you could credit her. We can now enjoy looking at more of her works.
    Toodle pips and purrs

  3. Valentine says:

    Miss Mollie, Mom and I learned something here reading your post. Before that we weren’t really sure what truly defined a cozy mystery, though we knew your book is one. We also like that your book included nontraditional characters. Clark Gable and Cary Grant sure are handsome gents. The humans that shared their name would’ve had competition!

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