Lynley Cannon’s FRIDAY FELINE FACTS & FANCIES, I am Bastet


Lynley Cannon, star of the Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery series, is often referred to as a crazy cat lady herself, but when it comes to the feline species, this sixty-something cat shelter volunteer knows her stuff. Check here each Friday for instructive and intriguing information on our favorite subject: cats!

“In ancient Egypt, cats were important members of society. Because they controlled vermin, including snakes such as cobras, they were elevated to divinity. In the event of fire, men would stand guard to make sure no cats ran into the flames. When a cat died, its household would go into mourning, shaving their eyebrows to signify loss. Killing a cat, even accidentally, incurred the harsh penalty of death.”   ~Copy Cats, chapter 27

Check out more of Lynley’s kitty tips, tricks, and facts preceding each chapter in Cats’ Eyes, Copy Cats, Cat’s Paw, and Cat Call.




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3 Responses to Lynley Cannon’s FRIDAY FELINE FACTS & FANCIES, I am Bastet

  1. Allison says:

    Ancient Egyptians would no doubt be surprised at how many homeless cats we have in today’s world. Quite a different viewpoint on cats!

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