18 Extra-Amazing Facts About Me, by Little

A few of my kitty blogger friends are posting a tell-all about themselves and have asked us, and anyone else who would like to, to play along.  The fun began with the Stunning Cathy Keisha who pawed the post “18 Extra-Amazing Facts About Me”. Then the lovely Valentine carried on with “18 Extra-Amazing Facts About Valentine the Black Persian Cat”. Little decided it was her turn. (She even woke up from her nap to do the questions!) And here we are!

18 Extra-Amazing Facts About Little.

  1. Favorite smell— Tuna flakes.
  2. Last time I hissed— This morning. It’s a game I play with my brother Tyler. He seems to think he can bully me but I just give him the hiss and he backs down. Then we play with da Bird and then we nap. Then we do it all over again.
  3. Favorite pizza— I’m not a pizza kind of gal. Maybe if you put tuna flakes on it…
  4. Favorite Flower— Not really a flower, but I love to eat grass.
  5. Favorite dog breed— N.O.N.E.
  6. Favorite ice cream— All of it! Except my cohabitors won’t let me have any. Something about being bad for my teeth.
  7. Pet peeve— Personal pet peeve: Tyler. Why did they bring home another cat when I’m all anyone could ever need? Global pet peeve: Overpopulation. My motto is Spay and Neuter all the way.
  8. Shorts or jeans— I prefer there to be fabric between my lovely velvet fur and skin. Jeans are okay, but silk skirts even better.
  9. Color of your PTU— Not a clue.
  10. Color of your eyes— Gold-green and gorgeous.
  11. Favorite food— I thought we covered this. Tuna flakes.
  12. Least favorite food— Anything over a few hours old.
  13. Favorite Holiday— My birthday.
  14. Night owl or morning person— Awake periods are morning and evening; everything else is nap time.
  15. Favorite day of the week— They’re all good because my time is my own
  16. Do you have a nick name?— No.
  17. Favorite music— When I first came home from the shelter, I liked to listen to jazz. Now I’m much older and would rather listen to the birds. Or nothing.
  18. Tattoos— That’s an odd question to end on, and I don’t have a good answer. Only furless people require pretty ink pictures to cover their nakedness.

Well, there you have it. Thank you, Little, for taking time out of your afternoon nap to be with us. Special thanks to Keisha and Valentine for their inspiration. Be sure to check out their blogsites for more amazing info.

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12 Responses to 18 Extra-Amazing Facts About Me, by Little

  1. 15andmeowing says:

    Very nice to learn more about you. I didn’t realize you had a brother.

  2. Brian says:

    Well those were darn good, we enjoyed reading them!

  3. LOVED learning more about you! We posted ours last Thursday, hope you will stop by and check it out!

  4. Cathy Keisha says:

    Whoa! Are you like Valentine’s girlfurrend cat? He has very good taste. Thanks for playing along but you forgot—or as a cat missed on purpose—#18. I hear you on 5 and 7.

  5. melrootsnwrites says:

    Thanks for sharing with us! Wish I could enjoy those naps, too.

  6. Valentine says:

    Aww Little that was sweet and your photos too! I’ll have to try those tuna flakes you mention and that’s a good idea you have for putting them also on pizza! Oh, we’ll have to play da birds together sometime, ’cause I have one too! When is your birthday, Little so I can mark on my catlendar? Hugs and chin rubs!

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