I don’t often do product reviews because I’m first and foremost a fiction writer, but every once in a while I come across a product that inspires me. The Cat Amazing Puzzle Toy was such a product.

I was approached by founder and CEO (Cat Entertainment Officer) Andrey who had located me through my blog. I enjoyed his lighthearted, cat-centric communications, and consented to try the toy in my home. He sent me the Cat Amazing toy free of charge, with the understanding that I would give an honest review.

From the very first email, I loved the fun cat videos, the colorful graphics, and the eco-friendly design of the puzzle itself, but it’s not about me. What would the cats think?

The Players:

Little: the Matron

Little came to us as a rescue and foster success when she was two. Now, ten years later, she runs our world. Sometimes the other cats forget that, but she is quick to remind them of her seniority.


Tyler: the Wild Child

Tyler was thought to be 18 when we adopted him, but if that’s the case, he’s the most active super-senior I’ve even met. When Tyler isn’t napping, he’s running, jumping, chasing, or playing.


Blaze: the Newbee

Blaze, at ten, should be set in his ways, but since he only came to us recently, he’s still testing the waters. Timid but naturally friendly and affectionate, he accepts whatever comes his way with a mixture of curiosity and gratitude.


When the big box containing the Cat Amazing puzzle toy arrived on our doorstep, there was a flurry of curiosity from the cats. Within the cardboard was a cutely-designed envelope box with the picture of a cat on it. The clowder may have been more interested in the packing carton, but I loved the graphics and couldn’t wait to put the toy together.

I watched the online video as suggested in the instructions. It was easy to assemble the Cat Amazing, and I probably didn’t need to consult the website, but as with the box design, the site was filled with fun and attractive images. The information was presented in an attention-grabbing way, and before I knew it, I’d read the whole thing. I especially loved the staff bios, including cats!

Once the Cat Amazing was assembled, I was ready to add the treats. Tyler only  likes freeze-dried chicken, where Blaze and Little prefer Temptations, so I had both handy. Since Tyler had been “helping” with the assembly, I started with a piece of FD chicken in the beginner side, and sat back to see what would happen next.

That took about three seconds: one for Tyler to smell the treat; one for him to stick his nose in the holes; and a final one to grab it out with his paw. Success!

Cat Amazing has three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, and top-cat, each a different color. I dropped another treat in the green beginner area and one in purple intermediate. This took Tyler a little longer, but soon he had both pieces retrieved and munched. His antics had attracted Blaze who decided it was his turn. I added a sprinkle of Temptations and waited.

Blaze eyed Tyler, then gave a warning bat, telling the older cat these treats were for him. Tyler relented: they weren’t chicken so he didn’t really care.

It took Blaze some time to get all the treats, but he was relentless. He was adorable, peeking into a hole, then reaching in with his white-gloved paw, repeating as necessary until he got the desired results.

Soon came Little! She paused, waiting for the boys to step aside, then attacked the toy with all paws and claws. When she figured out it would take finesse to play this game, it wasn’t long until she was crunching a Temptation or two.


Three cats; three distinctly different approaches to play. As promised by the Cat Amazing crew, it was great fun for me to watch them learn. We have yet to try the Secret Level, but give them a day or two and they’ll be at that one as well.

The winner has been Tyler, who won’t leave Cat Amazing  alone as long as there is even the promise of a treat inside. He quickly progressed to the yellow “top-cat” level which keeps him occupied for ages. He will get his face down into one of the larger holes, then push the toy all over the floor with his nose!

Here is a video from Cat Amazing of a cat doing the same thing! How cute is that!



What I liked:

  • The pretty box and graphics
  • The ease of assembly.
  • The sturdy construction of the toy.
  • The earth-friendly composition.*
  • Their continuing interest.
  • The absolute fun of watching the cats.

*❤Reinforced cardboard, durable, 100% recyclable, 30% post-consumer, and printed with metal-free ink. Huge fun – tiny pawprint.

What the cats liked:

  • The mental and physical exercise of getting the treats.
  • The treats.
  • Did I mention treats?


But wait, there’s more! 


Cat Amazing will send an Enrichment Kit to your favorite shelter or rescue. Check out the Cat Amazing Shelter & Rescue enrichment program



Cat Amazing provides:

  • Mental stimulation & engagement of natural feline instincts
  • Healthy activity through play and foraging
  • Slowing down eating for better digestion & weight management



The great folks and felines at Cat Amazing would like to give away a Cat Amazing Puzzle Toy to one lucky winner. Just leave a comment in the comment section of this blog to be entered. Contest will be open through August 15th. Winner will be chosen (by a cat) soon after that. Sorry but US residents only due to shipping costs.






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  1. Yvon Ravesteijn says:

    Lovely cats are Blaze, Tyler and Little 🙂
    kind greetings Yvon

  2. Sounds great fun! Love the outdoor sports video too, MOL, and looks like you could have just invented a shopping cart game!

  3. Brian says:

    That thing is fun! we will pass on the giveaway cause we’re gonna be reviewing it soon.

  4. Nancy says:

    I have 3, three year old girls that are always into everything, this box looks like it might entertain them. Two of them are super smart so keeping them out of trouble is a real challenge. They have a box with marbles inside. Those two figured out how to get the marbles out so they could play with them outside of the box.

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