Lynley Cannon’s FRIDAY FELINE FACTS & FANCIES, Empathy

Lynley Cannon, star of the Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery series, is often referred to as a crazy cat lady herself, but when it comes to the feline species, this sixty-something cat shelter volunteer knows her stuff. Check here each Friday for instructive and intriguing information on our favorite subject: cats!

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Cats know when their people are feeling poorly and may volunteer as a companion, sleeping nearby until they are better. Some cats even sense when a person is about to die and remain close as they take their final journey.

Cat’s Paw, Chapter 28

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Artwork by Louis Wain

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8 Responses to Lynley Cannon’s FRIDAY FELINE FACTS & FANCIES, Empathy

  1. That is so very true. We are blessed that, when all else fails, we can have a companion by our sides to help us through our journey, no matter which way it may lead.

  2. chrisscatmeow says:

    Believe that to be so true. Love the photo.x😻🐾🐾

  3. Amen to that about cats! I recently had hernia surgery (so not fun) and both my feline family members would not leave my side, and I believe that they even took on some of my symptoms. I had a bad reaction to the pain meds given during surgery and let’s just say could not keep anything down for almost two days. The second day I was still not able to keep food down, well, neither could my kitties. They both barfed a couple times for no apparent reason. They are amazing creatures.

  4. Valentine says:

    When Mom has those days when she doesn’t feel so well, I rest in her lap or close by her side. She says it makes her feel better every time.

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